As it is polite to send away the girl

As it is polite to send away the girl

It is quite difficult to finish failed affair in time. But not to allow its beginning when couple interested look at you, but not defiant any sympathies of eyes - it is already whole art.


1. The well-mannered man cannot just tell the girl that she ceased to appear on his way because there is a fear to offend her. However, if the girlfriend of respects, then on lack of interest in the person everything will understand correctly and will not exasperate you. But also other copies meet. There are, of course, quite tactless males who can "send away" the girl rudely. If you not from such, learn to refuse to the lady beautifully, without losing self-respect.

2. Let's say you came to a party with intention to have a good time among the friends, and instead the person who to you is obviously not nice diligently begins to show you an affection. And it accepts your elementary politeness when you greeted and smiled or brought drink, for sincere interest in it. At the same time she continuously follows you, participates in your talk with friends and imposes the thoughts. In this case leave in a toilet, having referred to any urinogenital infection or to a diarrhea attack. If upon return of you still wait, ask it drugs for treatment of "diseases".

3. Let's assume, you comfortably got a job in cafe and slowly drink coffee, enjoying loneliness and considering any project, important for itself. And here ask you a question whether free space near you is taken. You raise eyes and see the girl who does not attract you, but obviously counts on acquaintance. Answer that now your girlfriend will come and if her this answer did not confuse and she sat down to some tables with you, act further. Get acquainted and tell that just arrived from Africa where perfectly spent time in the company of local ladies, only now you worry whether you fell a victim of any infectious infection.

4. You at last escaped on rest, having spent a lot of money for the permit. Your desire - to enjoy life during this short time, far from the administration and city bustle. But already on the plane or in hotel a certain person, communication with whom was not in your plans in any way, "took notice" of you. And here she accompanies you on the beach and for lunch, offers you cream from suntan and just does not give pass. In this case elect the nice lady and in the presence of the annoying companion begin to describe the plan of her seducing in details. If at your "girl" is though a self-esteem drop, then such frank interest in other person will discourage at it to continue the claims.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team