As it is possible to forgive treason

As it is possible to forgive treason

Marrying, the man and the woman swear each other love and fidelity. Unfortunately, any married couple, even, apparently, the strongest and safe, is not insured from treason. For example, the wife suddenly learns that the husband has a mistress. The first and most natural reaction – a shock, tears, anger. Some women in a similar situation at once file for a divorce. But there are wives who do not hurry with such categorical decision, hesitate, think, but whether not to try to keep family.


1. "You do not judge and you will not be judged". If the woman, for example, the believing Christian, she can convince herself to forgive the husband as follows. First, getting married in church, spouses swore an oath to be together in joy and in the mountain without looking on any tests, "so far death will not separate". Treason of the husband can quite be presented how the test sent for check of fortress of their love and conjugal ties. Secondly, the Christian religion learns to be patient and indulgent to the neighbor, to forgive him shortcomings, the mistakes and even offenses caused you. In a word, "The Lord suffered, and to us ordered!"

2. "But it did not remain with it, so I better". The good and effective way of forgiveness is to knock down all (or almost all) to wine on a razluchnitsa. The wife can quite convince herself such arguments: what to do, the husband not the iron, living person, from flesh and blood. For certain this shameless tempted him, here he also did not resist. The main thing – did not desert family, did not leave to other woman. Means, still loves the wife, for it she is the best.

3. "Probably, I am guilty too". Absolutely safe way is to look at the behavior from outside. In most cases to the wife will be for what to reproach itself. Very seldom happens that only one party is guilty of treason. Having inspired in itself that in the incident there is also its share of fault (even if small), the spouse easily comes to a logical conclusion: then it is necessary to show generosity and to forgive. And on the future it is necessary to draw all necessary conclusions, to introduce amendments in behavior.

4. "How to children without father?" It is very strong argument if in family there are juvenile children. But, certainly, it should not be considered as decisive if, along with treason, the husband led an asocial life, for example, abused alcohol or drugs, applied physical abuse to the wife and children. What can such father teach children to? In this case it is better to leave quicker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team