As it is possible to kill love

As it is possible to kill love

The love can be engendered, and it is possible and to kill. From this article it will be clear how you should not behave not to do much harm to the relations.

In the relations there is no trust

If in couple there is no trust, then one of partners, and maybe both, try to keep under control not only the life, but also life of the second half. As a rule, at such situation, the person tries to learn in various ways where other person spends the time to whom he talks with whom he corresponds, about what their talk and so on.

Council. It is a jealousy indicator. And, as is well-known cannot be in love where sincere, trusting relationship, jealousy. If after all the jealousy arose, then it is worth beginning with itself. The thing is that the self-assessment is not at that level at which would have to be.

Perhaps, it is worth being engaged in affairs which give pleasure, work, embroidery, reading. It is possible to spend much time with the partner, to pay him due attention.

If the feeling of jealousy is based only on imaginations, then it is necessary to release this feeling and not to attach it significance. But if there are facts which confirm incorrectness to the partner, then in that case, it is better to leave the relations.


It is often possible to hear a phrase that life killed love. Life is a conventionalism, the same, day by day. Perhaps, one partner the homebody, and there is no second. In that case, to them it is uninteresting together. The same situation can be transferred also to intimate relations.

Council. To avoid a routine, it is necessary to diversify everyday life, to add passion, emotions.

Daily quarrels

If one of partners every day, on a constant basis, reproaches another, tries to bring to scandal, then, most likely such relation also kills love. At the same time the person can apologize for the words and actions, but everything will be started anew next day.

Council. Such relation is connected with the hidden conflict. That is at some point there was some innuendo, one of partners nursed a grievance and now just constantly breaks. It is worth talking about it and to find out the reason of such behavior.

Boring relations

Such relations are connected with the fact that partners do not want to spend time together. They can take care of the own life alone, communicate with friends, correspond on social network, but not spend time with each other.

Council. It is necessary to give more attention each other. If not to do it, then at once the relations will just end.


One partner seeks for development, and another is not present. It is considered too a problem as, as a rule, aspiring forward, does not arrange such situation.

Council. It is worth accepting the partner it what he is. If not to make it, then the love will pass. As it is possible to love the person if it is daily capable to notice only his shortcomings, but not positive sides.

Life with very proud person

Here everything is clear, both row, and only one apologizes always.

Council. That there were no reasons for parting, it is worth learning to cross through pride and to meet halfway or at least on compromises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team