As it is possible to make a declaration of love

As it is possible to make a declaration of love

Declaration of love – one of the most concerning and great moments in life of any girl. Everyone dreams of the prince even if without white horse. The main thing that it was both behavior, and appearance it is close to its ideal. Young people often show ingenuity not just to make a declaration of love to the girl, and to win her heart by the own words and actions.


1. Order a bouquet of flowers in one of salons. Enclose a beautiful card in which declaration of love poetically is written in it. To receive a similar gift very pleasantly. Practically each girl adores flowers, especially if they are issued in a beautiful bouquet or accurately laid in a basket. Verses of own composition express all those feelings that you wanted to inform. Even, if the girl has to you no love feelings, after such recognition at least there will be good memories and the cordial friendly relations.

2. Invite the girl in cafe to an appointment. When the situation becomes friendly warm, there comes the moment of truth. As you learned about its favourite song, leave for it a riddle. But suddenly the familiar pleasant melody has to play, and the DJ's voice will sound. On all hall it is reported that this composition is devoted to the girl. Be not lost and at once invite the lady to slow dance.

3. Ways to speak to the girl in love there is great variety: from an ordinary conversation on a shop in the park before performance of the serenade under a window. Each representative has female history of a declaration of love which she, for certain, remembers with ecstasy.

4. Similar acts and words have to remain only between the girl, the guy and, perhaps, those people who on bondage were involved in this situation. You should not report to everyone about a courageous step of the guy. Perhaps, it was difficult for young man to decide on a similar act. And if the girl refused to it the further relations, then let it will not be property for all the district. In case, on the contrary, after such step the love relations began, so the young man not for nothing decided on recognition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team