As it is possible to marry with the child

As it is possible to marry with the child

The child is not a hindrance or an obstacle in the relations between the woman and the man. To marry, having the child from other man, it is necessary to follow certain rules.


1. At acquaintance to the man never hide that you have a kid. Do not begin the relation with deception. Sooner or later it is all the same will open. If you told not at once that you have a son or the daughter but only later time opened the truth, be not persuasive - you do not call the man, give it time that to weigh everything.

2. You watch yourself, try to be always in good mood and believe that you the beautiful and attractive woman capable to interest the man.

3. Do not complain at all and you do not say to the man that you poor and unfortunate and that it is heavy to you to bring up one the child.

4. Do not compare at it it to the father of your child. It is capable to anger even the most patient man.

5. Be not afraid to ask it about the attitude towards children. If loves, it is very good. And here if is negative, it is better to stop the relations with such man at once.

6. Do not listen to those who say that you are necessary to nobody because you have a child. If the man really falls in love with you, then he also will fall in love with the child and over time will get used to it.

7. The marriage – it, of course, is good, but it is even better if your child does not suffer from it. Therefore never build the relation with the man who will not love your child. You will be able to feel it.

8. Live and rejoice, do not get into a dispute with time. Besides, do not think of age. The age is only "godoischisleniye". The main thing that you were happy.

9. You do not blame yourself for the fact that at you last marriage broke up. You not only who was not lucky. Having the child, to marry quite really.

10. Be not afraid to fall in love, but also you do not hurry to marry the first comer. Many divorced women are happy with the status in society. At first weigh everything not to repeat last mistakes.

11. Surely you find time for girlfriends, they can help you to endure difficult moments of the life, to cope with a depression and a stress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team