As it is possible to react to treason of the guy

As it is possible to react to treason of the guy

Girls react to unfaithfulness usually more sharply. You began to notice that the guy began to hide from you the phone, does not allow even to touch it. And sometimes, talking, tries to leave far away that nobody heard conversations. He began to watch more carefully himself, than earlier. Sometimes you find him in thoughtfulness with a smile upon the face, looking in emptiness. The guy began to spend less time with you, finding constant excuses. As a result sooner or later the fact of treason opens. What to do with it?


1. There is a breed of the men called by "ladies' men". They like to give compliments and to please not only the lady of the heart, but also foreign girls. Therefore they very often cannot refuse to too persistent temptresses. And such, unfortunately is enough.

2. Think how you see your further relations. If you do not wish to communicate more with this person, then it is necessary to leave and try to forget the traitor. When attachment strong to make it happens very difficult. For a start it is necessary to realize a problem and to live future. It is not necessary to remember all that good that was between you. At least, until recover from attachment.

3. Try to express the feelings which gushed suddenly in rough emotions. There is a wish to cry – cry, to shout – you shout, splash out rage, having broken off his forgotten shirt or having beaten ware. Find the good listener and tell the story. It can be done several times with different people, even unfamiliar. The main thing that they listened. Over time the bitter disappointment will be succeeded by silent grief. It will be followed by hope for the new relations.

4. Absolutely other behavior follows if you intend to continue the relations. Changed once can not make it repeatedly. Circumstances are different, as well as the reasons which induced the guy to treason. Having decided to forgive the traitor, for a start stay a little separately. This time is necessary for calm and considering of the event. But you should not be obsessed with a negative point too. It is better to try to distract, having been engaged in the collected affairs or something interesting.

5. Be engaged in improvement of the appearance. Switch attention. Having calmed down, analyze a situation. Sometimes guys "go on the left" when they lack something. Think as it is possible to improve your relations. The main thing that you were sure that your elect regrets and does not wish to leave too. Even better if he sincerely asks forgiveness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team