As it is possible to sign the guy in phone

As it is possible to sign the guy in phone

Beginning the relations with the guy, girls pay much attention to how to write down the man in the mobile phone to distinguish it contact from others. It is impossible to consider such intention a trifle, cell phones take not the last place in life of people.


There is an opinion that it is not original to sign the guy in phone under his name. Actually, many men not really love when girls call by their various pet names: cat, hare, elephant, etc. For them it is more important to feel the courage in all its manifestations.

Therefore if your guy in real-life communication obviously does not like the nicknames which are thought up by you, then you should not use them in the telephone directory of the mobile phone respectively.

Very beautifully the name written by Latin looks. You can use this reception to distinguish the guy from other names which are written down in the book of the mobile phone.

The most tender sound for each person is a sound of his own name. You, for certain, like to say and see a name of the man to which you have warm feelings. Try not to "distort" a name of the guy, adding diminutive-hypocoristic suffixes. Any name can be written down in a short, or full form. Everything depends on how is more habitual to you. If you sign the guy by name without various lovely "words", you will notice how it will be pleasant to read this name again and again.

Where originality side?

Think what word you most often use, addressing your guy at personal contact. Be not frightened as the signature to use "stereotyped" names. Sometimes girls in a pursuit of the identity and identity of the relations forget what first of all they want to make pleasantly to themselves and the young man, but not people around. You should not go too far and think out superordinary names. The signature in phone can be expressed to adjectives or nouns, and sometimes to contain the whole phrase from two-three words. Such words as "native", "favourite", "my" in combination with banal "cat", "cat", "man" will give more joy to you and your guy, than "sweetie" and so forth. You remember, the only way to find out that is pleasant to your man - it is to ask about it it directly.

Other opportunities of phone

On an incoming call from your man you can pick up that composition which connects you. It can be your general favourite song or, for example, a melody which played when you got acquainted.

For certain your mobile phone, besides function of record of a name in the telephone directory, has some other opportunities. For example, an opportunity to put the photo and a melody on certain number. As the photo pick up that picture which to you most of all to liking. It can be a photo, single or joint with you. Anyway it has to fill you with the most warm feelings. Also you can complement an overall picture with a favourite melody which will play only when your young man calls. All these trifles though seem insignificant, actually they also fill life with bright memoirs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team