As it is possible to tell about himself ridiculously

As it is possible to tell about himself ridiculously

Laughter prolongs life, and the sense of humour helps to win over people. Therefore if, having entered into the new company or preparing the presentation for a competition, you are required to tell about yourself, try to make the narration ridiculous. For certain it will be pleasant to listeners.

It is required to you

  • - photos;
  • - old magazines.


1. To provide the easiest way to people information on itself and at the same time to make laugh them – to tell several amusing cases from the life. It is desirable that the described episodes could disclose your character most fully. If you so love freedom that you in kindergarten during a quiet time ran away and tried to reach by bus to Honolulu, and during the last campaign to mountains hardly escaped from a bear which was tried to be photographed, it can be mentioned. And here if in your biography there are stories which happened to you in alcohol intoxication, it is better to hide them from general public.

2. If you prepare the story about yourself for the presentation, it is possible to submit necessary information in verses. Try not to abuse lyricism of the narration, insert into the text of a joke, insignificant, but amusing episodes. In case you see yourself only as lyrical hero, try to introduce in the text descriptions of experiences and metaphors an absurdity shred. Write how your tears were shed by the river when you in the childhood for hours sat over a boundless plate hated you semolina porridge with the lumps reminding of the snowman built by you destroyed by the senior children. If you have a talent shred, you will be able to impress the listeners.

3. Accompany your story with illustrations. But to consider amateur photos sometimes happens boringly therefore, having armed with the unnecessary magazine, try to make couple of collages. Let the model from display of Chanel to which you pasted the person show as you went on final, and the oligarch having a rest on own island and also who got your mask embodies your dreams of a perfect holiday.

4. Find parallels among themselves and the popular hero of the book or movie. Perhaps, to you, as well as Harry Potter, it was necessary to live in awful room conditions. Or your hair look not worse, than at the Torah, and still you, as well as James Bond, adore dry Martini. Be guided by age and tastes of your listeners to pick up successful characters for comparison.

5. Telling about itself, be not fond of citing someone else's poems and statements what witty they to you would not seem. Your audience will take an interest rather in a name of the author whose work you used, than will consider you the merry fellow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team