As it is romantic to ask about love

As it is romantic to ask about love

The love is the sublime feeling which is bringing together the man and the woman and forcing their hearts to fight more often at the sight of each other. If you consider that came it is time to make a declaration of love to the soulmate, make it originally and romantically.


1. It is necessary to make a declaration of love only if you are sure as of the feelings, and feelings of the partner. If you decide to make it too early, you will not be helped by neither diligence, nor imagination, nor any devices. Your half will only be confused and will not be able to decide what to tell you in reply.

2. To define a right moment for declaration of love, observe the partner. If darling looks at you a delighted look, tries to spend together with you much time, is frank with you and constantly takes care, most likely, your feelings are really mutual, and there is no sense any more to hide them.

3. Think of what most of all is pleasant to your soulmate, what most favourite hobbies at it. Especially consider those which are the general for both of you. For example, invite your darling or darling to ride horses, to meet together a decline in the country, to go to a concert of any band under the open sky, etc. Such moments are considered as very right for declaration of love.

4. Make something unusual. For example, suggest your soulmate to sweep on the sailing yacht, to investigate mountain caves or even to jump together with a parachute that will suit the most desperate. During joint triumph embrace the person dear to you and make to it an avowal of sentiments. Be sure, he will never forget it.

5. Those who prefer to act more simply can invite the soulmate in luxury restaurant, having given unforgettable romantic party. You can agree with personnel and order for a certain time the whole hall. You will be able to stay together, to listen to live music and to dance without witnesses. Being at a table, say a beautiful toast by means of which express your feelings.

6. It is possible to make a declaration of love also in those places which are expensive to both of you, for example, where you got acquainted. Here it is possible to carry places of your first joint rest, a travel where you received unforgettable impressions. It will be really sign declaration of love.

7. Try to play small representation. If you well know typical routes of your soulmate on the city, agree with sellers in shops, on point duty, street musicians or your friends that they got in certain places in the way of the girl or guy. They can hold plates with certain phrases in hand. As soon as the person dear to you passes near the last participant of representation, that will have to show a final inscription – "I Love You!". In this appear nearby, having left the agreed place, embrace your soulmate and you will kiss her.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team