As it is tender and unusual to call the girlfriend

As it is tender and unusual to call the girlfriend

Cat, small fish or hare? And, maybe, donut or morkovinka? If you puzzle over the choice of a tender name for the darling, try to look at a situation a little differently.

My hare

Despite the fact that the nickname "hare" is one of the most popular today it is not necessary to think that to girls it especially to liking. Of course, well-loved by darling to call lovely and romantic, but your darling will surely think what she at you on the account with such pet name. The man calling the girl not by name can do it not to get confused in infinite series of constantly changing girlfriends.

It is better not to call the girl a pussycat too even if your darling never read the novel "12 chairs" and will not draw parallels with the Pussycat Vorobyaninov, the nickname it sounds today is quite beaten and even went. Show originality. If you by all means want to pick up to the girl a nickname from fauna, choose the animals less popular: chanterelle, baby squirrel, young daw and so forth.

Address literature

What girl will not thaw if you compare her to the Ancient Greek goddess! Today men very seldom call the darlings Aphrodites, Athens or Artemidami – and in vain. Of course, strongly you should not subtilize therefore it is better to elect the goddess whose name is quite famous. For example, for certain, it will be pleasant to the girl if you name her Aphrodite – it is a symbol of beauty and femininity. Other option is to look through books on mythology and to find the name in consonance or similar addressed to your girlfriend. Only be convinced that presenting loved by a similar nickname, you do not name it some mythical sorcerer or the deity of death and a celibacy – with myths it is better to address more carefully. It is a lot of interesting options for this purpose how to call darling, it is possible to find in old east fairy tales and works by antique poets. If you and your girlfriend – romantic natures, florid as if lace, addresses will have for you just right.

Language of flowers

If the girl is harmonious and flexible, she can quite be compared to a birch or a rod. Blue eyes can become cornflower-blue, skin gentle, like a peach, and lips scarlet as a drop of blood or a rose! By the way, to call the girl by the name of some flower or its part – too very good option. The camomile, a rosette, a butonchik … the choice of a name depends only on your imagination. But you remember what not is pleasant to each girl that she was called not by name. Therefore before beginning to dream on this subject, try to find out how potential "victim" will concern your "small fish" or "crocodile". Happens that girls do not take out similar nicknames so that let the gentleman "go whistle".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team