As it is the best of all to reconcile

As it is the best of all to reconcile

Emotions of the person sometimes get of him the best. They get out of hand and force it to tell offensive words to people dear to it. There passes not enough time, the rage recedes, and the person understands that he did nonsenses, told superfluous. How to explain to relatives that flared up? Sometimes words are not necessary at all.


1. If you quarreled with someone from close people, try to get it together and to assess a situation soberly. Whether this quarrel is worth it to offend the family. Try to begin to control the emotions not to upset anybody any more. If to try, it is always possible to find a common language.

2. If you quarreled with mother, to reconcile, actually, as easy as shelling pears. Mother is a person who will always understand and will forgive. Take the first step, go her to a meeting. It will be very pleasant to it if you help it with cleaning with the house or at the dacha. Come to it with flowers and present a small gift. It can be a pleasant trifle, for example, a beautiful figurine or a cup with the inscription "mother, I love you". Believe, she will thaw at once and will forget about all offenses.

3. If you strongly swore with the wife, it is necessary to connect a little imagination. Happens that usual apologies are not enough to reconcile. Give it a little time that she ceased to be angry so strongly, and begin to act. There is a lot of options. You can take it on shops - let will choose to himself new dresses, will relax and will cheer up. After that you reduce it in restaurant, have supper and apologize. Tell that realized all the mistakes, and more it will not repeat.

4. Perhaps, your beloved became angry so that she will not want to go with you even behind pleasant purchases. Then ask for leave from work a bit earlier, arrange it a surprise houses. Make a dinner (or order it from restaurant if you are not able to prepare at all), decorate the house with flowers, balloons in the form of hearts and candles. When it comes from work, you throw it in shock. Kneel, present it some gift and sincerely ask forgiveness. She will be able to forgive you.

5. If you quarreled with children, try to bring together them at one table and to talk. Explain to them that you want for them only the best that they have to be obedient. Stop to press on them, provide them though some option. When you see that they understand what you speak about, award them for attention. As reconciliation you go with them to the amusement park or organize a family picnic in the fresh air.

6. With whoever you swore, it is necessary to be reconciled when you completely realized the mistakes. Sometimes it is necessary to concede to the loved one and to take all blame. Apologizing, never reproach another, otherwise it will lead to a new quarrel. Be kinder and more sincere to live with people around in full harmony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team