As it is the best of all to suggest the girl to meet

As it is the best of all to suggest the girl to meet

Your look fell to the beautiful girl. Heart stood in a breast, legs suddenly foully weakened. In a word, the inner voice let know: "It it!". That girl of whom you dreamed. From this minute you lost rest, are ready for everything, if only she agreed with you to meet.


1. Do not put an end to yourself in advance! Quite often guys, deliberating, it is kind of better to start talking to the girl, feel uncertainly, are confused. Especially, if the ladylove is very beautiful, and the young man cannot brag of external data in any way. He is kind of in advance ready to reconcile to failure: say, such beauty will also not look at him. It is incorrect. Remember: external data of the guy not on the first place for the girl. Cases when dazzling beauties marry people with ordinary-looking appearance are frequent and are happy in marriage. So have not complex, do not belittle yourself.

2. Try to be allocated at once on the general background, draw attention. Needless to say, you not the only man who communicates with this girl. She for certain has friends, acquaintances, even boyfriends. Make something that she became interested in you and thought: "And in this guy something is certain is".

3. But at the same time do not lose the head. To draw attention of the girl with a deadly trick, for example, simply silly. Even if you the good athlete, you should not risk life. And here it is possible to arrange it some pleasant, absolutely unexpected surprise and it is necessary. Sing the serenade under its balcony, for example. Or spread out under it the whole sea of flowers - as far as your finance allows.

4. To get into fortress, it is necessary to know its weak points! Do not regret forces and time to collect detailed information on the girl. What she loves to what music she listens, what hobbies at it, views, habits. And it is delicate, unostentatiously offer it all this. It likes this movie? Invite at cinema. It delighted with this group? Show two tickets for their concert. She adores Greek cuisine? Reserve a table at small restaurant of the corresponding subject.

5. There is a rule established still by unforgettable Kozma Prutkov: "The haste is necessary only when catching fleas". You remember: girls do not love a rough pressure. They prefer that they looked after them. Try to make an impression of the decent, reliable, serious person which can be trusted which will not bring on the lady of the heart.

6. And when you will feel that it is pleasant to it to be in your society that she is sincerely glad to you then say a phrase: "Let's meet".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team