As it is unusual to congratulate darling

As it is unusual to congratulate darling

The love pushes on commission of unusual, extraordinary acts for the sake of darling. There is a wish not only give a gift, but also to give to it thereby unexpected pleasure.

1. The holiday comes, and you do not know how to congratulate the soulmate? In so significant day be not limited to a gift – remind of the love. Buy a set of balls in the form of hearts with written on them wishes inflated with hydrogen. Decorate with them the car of the favourite partner, an entrance door and the bedroom – make everything what your imagination is capable of. Cut out and paint hearts from paper and paste on apartment walls. If you want to hint for romantic night together, buy silk bed linen with the same hearts in gentle tones and place scarlet candles.

2. Let in the morning on a threshold of the house your love will find the instruction for receiving a gift. On the sheet of paper bright felt-tip pens write a congratulation and list the list of points which should be executed to receive a gift. For example, to follow bright arrows indexes which you attach on walls of an entrance and the neighboring houses in advance. Shooters can lead to restaurant where waits for a festive breakfast for two, or to your house where waits not only for the gift chosen with love but also embraces of the loving person.

3. Give a "live" gift. Order flower composition or a box with tropical butterflies in specialized salon. Present how your second half will be surprised, having opened the big cardboard box which is tied up by a festive tape. Butterflies will live for two-three weeks and the fluttering on the apartment and unearthly beauty will constantly remind of that memorable day. Ask to pick up butterflies more largely and more brightly. It is also possible to present a floristic masterpiece or a fresh flower. The owner of a volume collection of cactuses will be awfully glad to a new copy, and the socialite – to a graceful bouquet from fashionable lilies in this season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team