As it is unusual to congratulate the guy

As it is unusual to congratulate the guy

There is a set of ways to congratulate the man. And, nevertheless, on the eve of every holiday by all means there is desire to congratulate the guy somehow unusually, originally, touchingly. For this purpose it is necessary just to connect a maximum of imagination and resourcefulness, considering tastes and preferences of the young man.

1. It is always necessary to work according to a festive case. Thus, your congratulation will be both original, and appropriate, and at the same time will not put the guy in an uncomfortable position. For example, offer the young man on a birthday some unusual congratulation and gifts which can be rather expensive. And congratulating on a professional holiday or with the Defender of the Fatherland Day it is possible to present not strongly expensive souvenir, having added it with an interesting congratulation.

2. The original congratulation can be made by means of music. It can be the song in your execution or the favourite composition ordered on radio. And it is possible to present a disk on which it will be written down musical congratulations from all invited guests. Tickets for a concert of its favourite performer or group will become a quite good gift for the music lover.

3. Also the congratulation in which you will hint at the gift will be unusual. Invent some small story or the story in which illustrate all importance of the forthcoming festive event. And the gift will be more unusual, the more interesting also your congratulation will turn out. Present to the young man, for example, a personalized stone. If your guy the sweet tooth, present him a chocolate sculpture. If in your congratulation you wish to the hero of the occasion of wealth and prosperity, appropriate will be to present a monetary tree or the souvenir car, the palace, etc. The main thing is to know interests and preferences of the guy.

4. Congratulate the guy by means of old, but very interesting and elegant way of transfer of letters and messages. Agree, the congratulation in a bottle will be very original. Compose the text a congratulation, write it on parchment paper, curtail and place in a decorative bottle, such, as at the time of brave captains and pirates. It can be got in gift shop. Then pack a bottle into a wooden or cardboard box.

5. There is a set of shops where ridiculous and unusual things are on sale. Such as, for example, napkins in the form of the note of hundred dollars, or the alarm clock in the form of a bomb. Besides, such souvenirs, as a rule, not too expensive, and they will be appropriate as a gift for any not too official holiday when it is necessary to congratulate the guy.

6. In congratulations concerning a professional holiday it is possible to note personal merits congratulated, his diligence and diligence. Add such congratulation with an individual card and a small souvenir.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team