As it is unusual to make a declaration of love

As it is unusual to make a declaration of love

Declaration of love is a responsible and disturbing moment. Can depend on your actions whether will develop further at couple of the relation. It is necessary to tell about the feelings correctly, beautifully and at the right time.


1. Execute the serenade under a balcony of your object of love if you have at least small vocal skills and you are able to play the guitar. But surely calculate the forces and choose the correct time. It is not necessary to resort to a similar method of recognition if the beloved lives too highly or time for the serenade is chosen long after midnight. You risk to wake neighbors who can call the police. Besides, your partner in the relations has to have a quite good sense of humour, otherwise he will decide that you just went crazy.

2. Try to find out what newspaper is read by your girl or the guy or to what radio station often listens, and make a surprise. Phone on radio station, tell on the air about the feelings and surely order the suitable song which is pleasant to both of you. Other, even more interesting way placement of the announcement in the newspaper will become. Pay the announcement and admit your feelings.

3. Send to your object of love the romantic letter. But forget about the Internet! Take the sheet of paper, it is better beautiful, original color and with a frame. Write your declaration of love. Nothing terrible if you feel that you are not strong in the diploma. The main thing that everything told was from the heart. Of course, it is better to be more original and to write recognition, for example, in the form of the poem. Do not forget to sign. Seal the message in a simple envelope and lower in a mailbox or leave at a door of the beloved or the beloved.

4. Use services of the advertizing agency which is engaged in advertizing on the most various carriers: posters, banners, panels. Pay a billboard near the place of residence of the girl or the guy of your dream, think up an inscription and place his or her photo nearby. Nobody will resist from similar recognition!

5. Ask your friends to help with small representation during declaration of love to the girl. For example, you can invite her to the park and begin to kiss at some point. Your friend will have to imperceptibly pass nearby and enclose a flower in your hand. After that hand it to the girl and tell trembling words. She will be pleasantly surprised by your focus and the speech delivered at this moment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team