As it to force to apologize

As it to force to apologize

Men all life in soul remain children. Therefore they so like to play - soccer, at the exchange, computer games. Therefore they so do not like to apologize, remaining stubborn and proud that often leads to quarrels. And the task of the clever adult woman is in that without reproaches and scandals to let the beloved know and realize a wrongfulness and to apologize.


1. What to do if the man made the act wrong in your opinion and is not going to apologize. First, to sit down and quietly to discuss everything. Perhaps, your partner just did not understand that he did it and than offended you. Tell him about the experiences, explain what specifically upset you. The loving man surely will ask forgiveness, even just in order that the soulmate did not suffer.

2. If the man did not apologize, so he did not realize the fault. It is more serious problem, and here you need not just to point to mistakes, and to specify why your darling does not consider the acts wrong and perceives everything as due. For example, he went to meet friends, without having reported to you about it. Perhaps, in the previous relations or in family of the partner the total freedom of actions was accepted. And he transferred this algorithm to your couple. Your task to convince darling that that he will report to you about the location there is nothing, limiting its freedom. Tell that it is necessary for you only not to worry for it. Most likely, business will not terminate in one conversation. Therefore every time when darling forgets to call you, softly remind him of your request. Over time he will get used to new relationship and will begin to derive from them only pleasure. Also will apologize by all means if violates a promise.

3. Not only not adoption of the fault, but also fear of punishment forces the man to avoid apologies. According to him - you apologize - means it is guilty. It is guilty - means, will punish. Convince the man that nobody is going to punish him. Tell that the act which it made already in the past and cannot be changed nothing. And its apologies are necessary to you only to understand that he realizes all weight of the offense and in the future will try not to do so.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team