As kisses affect our health

As kisses affect our health

Kisses give us not only pleasant feelings. They bring benefit to health, positively affecting health and all organism in general. We bring to your attention 10 interesting facts about kisses.


1. Kisses are a prevention of wrinkles. During a kiss, facial muscles well work. Such "loadings" can even be more effective, than cosmetology facial massage.

2. Kisses help to struggle with caries. At a kiss the salivation amplifies and calcium content in saliva increases that considerably strengthens tooth enamel - the main barrier on the way of caries.

3. Kisses help to keep a cardiovascular system in a tone. During a kiss the heart fights quicker, pulse becomes more frequent and the cardiovascular system experiences moderate strain, strengthening a cardiac muscle and vessels.

4. Kisses strengthen immunity. During a kiss there is an exchange of bacteria with the partner that well affects immunity of the person. Besides, kissing also exchange antibodies.

5. Kisses support romantic mood. At a kiss there is a production of sex hormones that helps to hold a libido at the high level. And it promotes a romantic spirit and desire to look sexually attractively. Besides, during a kiss about 160 kcal are burned, about the same burns down after 20 minutes of water aerobics.

6. Kisses train a respiratory system. During a kiss there is a breath delay. Surprisingly, but on intensity and the nature of alternation of breaths and exhalations the breath delay during a kiss very much reminds breathing exercises of yogis.

7. Kisses strengthen the family relations. The kiss for many people is a process more intimate, than sex. During a kiss the people express not just sexual inclination, but deep emotional attachment. Regular kisses promote strengthening of matrimonial communication.

8. Kisses improve mood. They help to reduce stress and to fight even against a syndrome of chronic fatigue. During a kiss there is an emission of endorphins in blood, happiness hormone just sweeps away bad mood and gloomy thoughts on the way. Kisses about the mornings setting the tone to all day are especially pleasant.

9. According to the conducted researches, 2% of women during kisses test an orgasm! Let's be glad together for these lucky women!

10. Kisses prolong life. Certainly, the kisses bringing so much benefit to an organism cannot but prolong life. Daily kissing people, irrespective of a floor, live on average for 6 years longer. It is important to remember that in kisses, as well as in any training, the main thing systematicity and regularity. Kiss more often and with pleasure strengthen health!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team