As life after marriage changes

As life after marriage changes

These are only fairy tales and ladies' novels come to an end at a magnificent wedding. In life, after the wedding, everything only begins. No, not the worst, and not the best. Just begins another story altogether — life after marriage.


1. Why another story, people same? The fact is that if with the person to spend more time, he will open on the other hand, is frequent — with the most unexpected. Meeting till some hours a day, it is impossible to recognize the person thoroughly. And after marriage, the joint life full of various situations begins. Life, besides. Here also the real relations begin.

2. Everything changes. And first of all the daily routine changes. One lark, another owl. Someone has breakfast at 11:00, and for someone is already lunch time. Marriage begins with these trifles, at each of newly appeared spouses the habits. The grinding in period as call its many, begins right after the wedding.

3. At this time spouses adapt to each other. At one couple the grinding in takes place smoothly, is given others with big nerves. It, actually, can be heavy, especially, if people different in spirit. But it is not necessary to go into extremes. It is impossible neither aggravate the difficult moments, nor to drop them. A voice in the help. Somehow it was possible to get on prior to a wedding, here and now to turn out. Everything to discuss the main thing, not to fall before insults and to laugh more often. The humour, strangely enough, saved not one family boat at the first stage of family life.

4. After the wedding, new duties at both parties appear. No, it is not about the one who whom is obliged to contain or feed. Though, these moments often become a stumbling block in family. After the wedding each of spouses has to reckon with another. It is simply obliged to do it, for the sake of respect. It should not be on the verge. The free personality and after the REGISTRY OFFICE remains that — no servility in the relations should be. But it is necessary to inform, consult and listen. It is called respect.

5. After marriage the family budget changes. The fact that it was the share of one earlier shares for two now, and with the advent of the kid, for three people. Already it is necessary to abstain from rash, inexpedient wastes. At first it is difficult. But if to live as before, then it will be impossible to make ends meet even if salaries at both worthy. It is necessary to plan. But, on the other hand, the budget doubles and now if it is correct to distribute funds, it is possible to decide on any large purchases and trips. Thus, after marriage new opportunities appear.

6. The status changes, the residence changes, the cities sometimes change. But the most important that changes after the wedding is that darling is near now. In wealth and poverty, in the mountain and joy. Now is a back, it is a basis only. For the sake of family it is worth living, it is worth adapting and, sometimes, to change. And then life after marriage will be infinitely happy, and changes will happen only good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team