As marriage affects health of men

As marriage affects health of men

Family life is useful to health of the man. In particular, married usually live longer. A secret is in that care with which his wife surrounds the person. But this rule works only in happy couples.

Married live longer

According to the recent publication of the Science magazine, life expectancy of married men is on average seven years higher, than at bachelors. The reason is simple: the married person under the influence of the spouse sees doctors more often and begins to be treated in time.

To similar results also earlier researches came. So, last decade the group of the western scientists analyzed statistical data on 100 thousand Europeans of both sexes. It turned out that family men live on average for 1.7 years longer, than bachelors.

Though these figures are less optimistic, than conclusions of the American scientists, the general trend it is available. Anyway, for husbands the situation is better, than for their wives. On different sources, married women "do not live" 1.4-2 years in comparison with free ladies.

There are data that the darling who is younger than it at least for five years has especially beneficial influence on life expectancy of the man. According to the estimates of sociologists from Switzerland, in this situation chances of the man of longevity jump by 20% at once.

Even fight against cancer at married men takes place more successfully: they live with the scary diagnosis longer, than bachelors. Again, support from wives and children helps.Photo source: Pixabay

Besides, increase in social communications after marriage helps to live longer to the family man. He meets friends, relatives and the spouse's acquaintances, the circle of his communication grows. It promotes decrease in the general stress, helps to fight easier against addictions, etc.

Some experts consider what is to men better if marriage is not issued officially. So he does not feel "caught" that he positively affects his general health.

It should be notedIt should be noted that the strong and loving family helps to prolong life. As the Israeli scientists established, the risk of a stroke at happily married men is 64% lower, than at bachelors. In unsuccessful marriage, on the contrary, risks of cardiovascular diseases increase.

"Minuses" of family life for men

At the same time, in marriage there are also some "special" dangers to male health. According to conclusions of the American scientists, married men are more often inclined to overeat and gain excess weight. It, in turn, can lead to problems with blood vessels and heart.

However, with an excess weight not everything is so unambiguous. A few years ago the Japanese physicians voiced results of own researches. On them, on the contrary, married men suffer from the excess weight and the related diseases less than lonely. At the same time difference double!Photo source: Pixabay

At men in marriage jumps of arterial blood pressure are more often noted that it is connected with experiences because of matrimonial quarrels and disagreements. Problems in family can seriously affect immunity of the man (however, and women too). Even wounds at unhappy husbands heal slightly more slowly, than at other people.

How to help the husband to keep health

Whatever one may do, health of family - in the woman's hands. And, if the spouse wants to live near darling as long as possible, it is necessary to undertake it seriously. 

It is clear, that "weather in the house" is extremely important. You strive for peace and harmony, you" do not "saw" the spouse and do not make scandals from scratch. Resolve the conflicts without excessive pressure. This separate art, having mastered which you improve both the relations, and health of all family members.

Further, the healthy nutrition is necessary. The complexity is that the rare man can eat crude vegetables salads and fermented milk products. Usually he needs meat. But it is possible to master "healthier" recipes. In particular:

  • give preference to roasting, suppression and steam boiling, than frying;
  • give vegetable garnishes more often;
  • reduce consumption of red meat, replacing it with a bird and fish;
  • limit use of salt and spices;
  • choose products, vitamin-rich and minerals;
  • reduce application of mayonnaise to a minimum.

It is important to watch a diet. Here recommendations are universal: to eat fractionally, small portions (at least not huge), is not for the night.

Then, physical activity is necessary. Induce the man to occupations to sport, moderate physical work, call on walks more often. And if the spouse himself seeks to the gym, on fishing or in campaigns - rejoice though he because of it also leaves the field of your sight. You do not want to leave - go together with it.Photo source: Pixabay

Help the husband to refuse addictions. But it is important that he realized need, let us assume, to leave off smoking. Praise and encourage it on this way!

At the slightest suspicions on problems with health "you drive" the spouse to the doctor. He, in most cases, will pull to the last. And if it is necessary to be treated, unostentatiously control all process. Do not forget about preventive inspections.

And surely you watch over yourself and own health. Be beautiful and desired that your satellite most wanted to live near you as long as possible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team