As me to write the love letter to the girl

As me to write the love letter to the girl

Unfortunately, in recent years the letters to the girlfriend tremblingly handwritten not so often accompany the love relations. And penetrated by sincere feelings and experiences, they are capable to affect magically the fate of the loving people.


1. The letter - not the most worthless invention of mankind therefore it is worth knowing about how it is correct to write it a little. Write sincerely, with all the heart. Do not abuse use of others beautiful words and phrases, especially when you do not understand up to the end their sense. Your girl is ready for your intelligence therefore it is much more interesting to it to read in the letter your thoughts and reasonings, but not others expressions which will seem to it superfluous and unnecessary.

2. Compose the letter, being in good mood. Inspire yourself by those feelings which will be had by your darling, having read the message. Systematize that information which you would like to present. You do not hurry, express the thoughts clearly and accurately, your girl will hardly like confused phrases and confused judgments. Consider that for writing of the love letter not one day can be required by you. Resort to the help of the draft copy.

3. After the letter is written, check it for existence of mistakes, having used the spelling dictionary. Accurately rewrite it legible handwriting. It is known that he can tell a lot of things about the person. If the letter written by you is easily read, your girl at once will begin to feel mindfulness and depth of your words, but will not be engaged in their interpretation. Consider that the letter printed does not bear that power which will be presented to darling by your hand. If you after all decided to write the love message on the computer, surely finish it several phrases written with own hand at the end date also the signature.

4. Leave a smell of perfume which you use on the message. Both men, and women acted this way in days of old, sending romantic messages to the beloved. Do it at some distance from the letter accidentally not to leave on paper of spots.

5. Enclose the letter in an envelope, seal, fill necessary details if you send it by mail. Otherwise with own hand transfer the letter the girlfriend or the hireling for this purpose of the courier. Do not resort to the help of the third parties of whose honesty and decency you are not sure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team