As men look at female bodies

As men look at female bodies

To be pleasant to men, women look after themselves, apply some cunnings allowing them to become even more beautiful. But men's and female views of beauty of a human body can differ. If there is desire to become for darling of the most desired, it is necessary to know how strong Poll's representatives look at female bodies and that estimate first of all.

Modern women carefully watch themselves, try to support a body in perfect tune, regularly grow thin. But actually many manipulations are not too important. To understand, the woman is pleasant or not, only several seconds are necessary to the man. Psychologists who conducted a number of researches came to such conclusions. For carrying out more purposeful work on themselves the women need to know how men look at their bodies what they first of all pay attention to. 

Eyes - a window to the soul

Contrary to popular belief, at a meeting with the woman the man first of all pays attention to her eyes. The look can tell about much. It gives female temperament, character. If the girl knows as to emphasize it, chances to achieve success from men are rather high. Many women are able ""to make eyes"". This skill helps to attract an opposite sex, to liberate the elect. 

Men pay attention not only to eyes, but also to other parts of the person. Everyone can have different ideas of beauty, but there are also general evaluation criteria. Looking at a woman's face, men estimate not only correctness of proportions, elegance of separate lines, but also the state of health. Problems with health always affect appearance. The gray or yellowish skin color, a glassy look, a brittle hair, shadows under the eyes - all this strongly pushes away, looks not really beautifully. The make-up is of great importance. The abundance of tone means on skin suggests an idea that by means of cosmetics the woman tries to hide something. 

Breast and hips

Female breast and hips - parts of a body to which surely draw the attention of the man. Most of men likes pyshnogrudy girls with roundish hips. But in this case uniform standards do not exist. Everyone can have representations about fine. Standards can also change with age. Young guys often like thin girls with poorly expressed breast and the figure reminding boyish. But closer by 25 years at the man the considerable experience of communication with women is already accumulated, his esthetic flavoring addictions change and become more exacting and distinguished a little. With transition to other age category women with roundish hips begin to be pleasant. Experts find to it an explanation. They consider that men unconsciously choose women "" in a body"" as long since it was sign of health and fertility. 


Many men consider a stomach of one of the sexiest parts of a female body. The woman, her force, an attraction begins with it. Not for nothing many practicians whose purpose is drawing attention of an opposite sex and disclosure of the potential are connected with an otpuskaniye of tension in a stomach, belly dance, technicians of breath. Choosing short undershirts and other clothes with an open stomach, women become even more attractive in the opinion of men. 


It is considered to be that the ideal of female beauty is a faultless symmetry. Before eyes there are images of thin top models. Actually this criterion was thought up by women. By results of numerous researches the thin figures are pleasant no more than 10% of men. The others prefer girls with rounded shapes. 

For the vast majority of men assessment of a female figure occurs at some unconscious level. Not some concrete figures characterizing volumes, and a difference between waist and hips measurement are important for them. Men are attracted by the figures reminding a guitar. They consider such bodies very womanly and seductive. At the same time it is not obligatory that proportions were ideal. 

Internal attraction

Despite presence at each man of the standards applied at assessment of a female body they fall in love with nature, the woman's nature, and the person and a figure cause admiration later. The poets singing of chubby lips, a thin camp just describe reflection seen the light them on a body of darling. Often it happens so that the man falls in love not with the type at all and cannot understand that so strongly attracted it. In advance built images of ideal beauty fall in the eyes. 

Men feel beauty not only eyes. It would be too simply and boringly. They scan movements, turns of the head, gait. Each woman is allocated with the unique grace. It cannot be copied, but it is possible to develop. It is only enough to believe in own appeal and to dare to be itself.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team