As men of different zodiac signs change

As men of different zodiac signs change

Astrology allocates different zodiac signs with the features of behavior to which also the tendency to unfaithfulness belongs. Certainly, any generalizations of this sort allow exceptions. So it is not necessary to put an end to the next boyfriend if stars prophesy it thirst for love affairs. But it is worth looking narrowly more attentively at councils of astrologers after all.

The zodiac cycle starts with the most devoted and sure signs. In particular, Arieses seldom are solved on treason, and the routine in the relations can push to it. The man who was born under the sign of fiery elements needs the companion suitable him at the power level. Otherwise, he will begin to miss and will go on the left. The typical Aries admits treason safely, does not spare feelings of the deceived partner. Moreover, he will even have enough impudence to lay on it blame for deeds.

Astrologers call men of this sign one-woman men. Therefore, choosing the companion of life, they are ready to remain with it all life. However nobody is insured with new feelings and new love. If it happens to the Taurus, he not just changes, and irrevocably breaks off the former relations. It is almost impossible to keep him from leaving, unfortunately.

Unlike Arieses and Tauruses, the men who were born under the sign of Twins are inclined to amorous adventures. The element of a love game, maintenance of heat of feelings is important for them. At the same time in a pursuit of an emotional component of communication they, often, not always reach physical treason. To expose communication of Twins on the party it is quite difficult as careful preservation of a secret carries away them not less, than process. But any attempt of the partner at its things (smartphone, the computer) will give the apostate away as he, most likely, will react too violently and nervously.

For muzhchiny-Raka "weather in the house" is important. When he does not feel in the relations of love and care, moves off in searches of these emotions on the party. However, it is not so simple to Cancers to decide on treason, and to admit it – even more difficult. Therefore do not wait that having found a compromising evidence, you will force it to come cap in hand. He will try to calm your suspicions, having lain about friendly aid or the old acquaintance. But if such man began to communicate with someone, most likely, it will come inadmissibly far.

Lions are, as a rule, not deprived of narcissism and narcissism. Therefore they hard are given adoption of age, aging, inevitable changes. And can push to incorrectness of such men, partly, desire to prove to itself that it is still good and capable to carry away even the young beauty. But, having made a voyage in embraces of other woman, happy Lev will probably return to the constant beloved with whom is to it not so badly.

In questions of conspiracy the Maidens in a horoscope do not have equal. On the one hand, they not so often change, but if after all give in to temptation, begin to play the real espionage game in which they do not admit even under tortures and cargo of indisputable proofs. If the man of this sign wants to leave to the mistress, the deceived woman far learns not at once about the true reasons of a gap.

Astrologers advise to be careful of Scales. They are the real virtuosos in questions of unfaithfulness which can meet at the same time several women or live on two families. And such men do not attach too great value of conspiracy, relying on successful combination of circumstances more. If over them the exposure threat hangs, Scales wait when the situation settles, and again drop into old habits.

Changeable nature of Scorpions can push them to accidental treason. But they are not capable of systematic deception as they seriously treat love and marriage. If the man of this sign admits incorrectness and regrets, then he quite deserves the second chance. Because in case the Scorpion is ready to get the new serious relations, he prefers to finish the previous novel at first.

Sagittariuses perceive treason as search of new impressions. They are necessary for these passionate, fiery natures constantly and in a large number. And, having come across incorrectnesses, typical representatives of the sign will not begin to open. They will be protected, claiming that other woman absolutely means nothing. In principle in the words of Sagittariuses there is an element of truth, here only such insignificant episodes at them happens indecently much.

The terrestrial elements to which the sign of the Capricorn belongs force his representatives to work in everything thoroughly. They will be elected long and carefully the companion of life, and also to approach elaborately a question of treason. And only good reasons, for example, discontent with sexual life can push them to incorrectness. Changing physically, the Capricorn all the same remains is emotionally connected only with one woman. Of course, if feels for it love and affection.

It is easy for women with whom they come good emotional contact to tempt Aquariuses with that. They always are in search something new and are ready to risk the constant relations if to the potential mistress is, than to surprise these adventurers. However, the care and conspiracy is given to such men not easy, and in case of exposure they, often, are not even capable to think up intelligible justification for the act.

Representatives of the sign of Fishes – masterly apostates and inventors of a reliable alibi to whom even the most jealous and suspicious woman will believe close a zodiac cycle. Unfortunately, these men do not differ in fidelity, perceiving the love affairs as one of forms of the normal relations. However, they, of course, do not accept women's treason. To companions of Fishes it is necessary to be constant on the alert because their partners easily give in to temptation, carelessly coming off reality in a pursuit of a dream of the ideal woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team