As men show the feelings

As men show the feelings

The man needs to be judged by acts, than according to him. Acts show the true attitude towards the woman. If interests you, how sincerely it concerns you and as in general the man shows the feelings, it is necessary to look narrowly at his behavior and acts only.


1. The man cares for you when you badly feel. If he without wasting words and requests does practically everything to alleviate your suffering during a disease, is a good sign and a sure sign of the fact that you are necessary to it.

2. He in any situation is ready to get up for your protection. And it is not only about verbal protection. It is also ready to stand for you and by means of fists if that is demanded by a situation. With the man the woman has to feel completely protected.

3. He respects your family. What strange would not be your close people, your beloved has to be respectful to them. Besides, with them he has to behave politely and friendly.

4. He rejoices to all your victories and achievements. And both personal, and career. He will not envy, be jealous you of your success or popularity. On the contrary he always is only glad to it, and will support you in further development.

5. He plans your joint future. If the man speaks with you about the future and there are plans in which and to you there is a place it means that he is serious in relation to you. And many men are afraid to take the responsibility in relation to the woman. And if he already begins to speak and think of your joint future, he means really has to you serious feelings.

6. The man is ready not only to listen to you: to him your opinion on any given question is really important. He appreciates those advice which you to it give, and tries to listen to them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team