As men slowly but surely kill love of the wives

Starting a family, people believe that they will live long and happily. But it is necessary to work on creation of the harmonious relations. Modern men often behave not absolutely correctly and it gradually kills in their women romantic feelings.

That the love together with time only became stronger, it is necessary to build the correct line of conduct. It is considered to be that almost everything depends on the woman, but this opinion wrong. Responsibility for preservation of marriage lies on both partners.  Sometimes men make the acts capable to destroy tender feelings of the partner and leading to the fact that once close people become enemies. Psychologists designated the main problems destroying passion and love. 

Lack of attention

The lack of attention from the man oppresses women, forces to find itself not really necessary. When the wife does not see any actions from the partner, she can explain it differently. Sometimes there are thoughts of incorrectness of the second half. Worrying concerning lack of attention, women lose desire something to do for the family. It occurs gradually. At first reaction can be opposite. Many wives, without understanding what occurs, begin to show an initiative. They indulge beloveds tasty dishes, try to surprise more often. Without finding a response, gradually the fuse vanishes and the love dies away. 

Not to allow family breakdown, it is necessary to show more often to darlings that they are still interesting. It is better to show a small affection daily, but not occasionally. Even after heavy day of work it is possible to find several minutes just to embrace the wife and to stay with her nearby. 


The roughness and insults are capable to kill love in the woman for very short period. Often men, having lived in the spouse several years in marriage, afford such things of which at the beginning of the relations it was even impossible to think. The conflicts between spouses happen also this absolutely normal phenomenon. But for preservation of love it is necessary to learn to get correctly out of these difficult situations and during the quarrels to think of the words and acts. Nothing kills love as strongly as offensive and humiliating phrases. They will very painfully wound. Even after one such scandal the wife can forever leave. If reconciliation comes, usually situations repeat again and again and it surely leads to a divorce. 

Criticism and lack of a praise

The constant criticism corrodes the relations. Men should note it. It is not necessary to reproach the wife, to regularly express her the discontent. Even constructive criticism is capable to spoil the relations if it has to be heard very often.

To speak with the wife about not absolutely pleasant things and it is necessary to state her the wishes quiet tone. Psychologists advise to bring up only such questions which seem to the man especially important. Constantly not enough salt it is not necessary ""to saw"" the darling because of incorrectly spread out things or, for example, a habit to add to food. Such claims can be stated only in a playful and benevolent form. 

Women, as well as men, very much love a praise. At its absence the feelings gradually grow cold, desire to do something pleasant for the darling vanishes. For preservation of family it is necessary not to abuse the wife, not to carp at it on trifles, and to praise more often. 

Comparison with other women and unfaithfulness

Comparison with other women is capable to wound painfully. If the man often compares the spouse to more successful, beautiful, accurate relatives or girlfriends, such behavior is capable to destroy the gentle relations. It can lower a self-assessment of the spouse and make family life just intolerable. Often wives begin to copy husbands and to compare them to more successful chiefs, beautiful friends. Men in this situation strongly take offense, but not always understand that it is only the answer to their inappropriate jokes and cavils. 

Men's unfaithfulness or regular flirtation on the party it is also capable to kill love. In this case wives decide on a divorce much quicker. But there are situations when such marriages exist for years. The deceived spouse hesitates to leave because loves or for some other reasons. But gradually the love leaves. 

Unwillingness to concede

Some psychologists are sure that the love is corroded by not large scandals and contradictions, and trifles. Inattention to trifles, a habit to do everything in own way and not to reckon with opinion of the partner - all this inevitably leads to crisis in the relations. If the spouse asks to make something, but her requests ignore, or she constantly says what the husband should not do, but her word is not heard, it results in dissatisfaction. The woman begins to think that do not reckon with her, her opinion is not important. 

In this case several options of succession of events are possible. If the wife is impulsive and straightforward, she will state claims and the conflict will be extinguished on condition of the correct reaction from the spouse. Often women avoid rough showdowns. They accumulate negative emotions in themselves, there is a feeling of uselessness. In family externally everything can be quiet, but such internal tension leads to the fact that the love passes and the family as a result breaks up. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team