As most to make a short flight of stairs

As most to make a short flight of stairs

The short flight of stairs in a garden or at the dacha can be made most, it is only necessary to know, how exactly to make it also what materials will be necessary. Many specially keep roughnesses of a landscape to decorate with a ladder land area.


1. Pay attention that the quantity of steps depends on ladder height. Ideal height – about 14-15 centimeters, and depth - 33-35 centimeters. Width of a ladder has to be not less than 80 centimeters and that on it freely there could pass two persons, it is necessary to increase it to 120 centimeters.

2. Draw the drawing where you will put all necessary sizes which you made on areas (height and length of rise). With its help it will be easier for you to calculate quantity of steps of your short flight of stairs.

3. You need also to choose material of which the ladder will be made. Natural stone (basalt or granite) waterproof and durable. The ladder made of such material will always look good. Limestone and sandstone are less durable therefore they need to be processed special water-repellent structure.

4. Good option is concrete. It is durable, has various coloring and can maintain big loadings. If you prefer a tree, choose wood of strong breeds, for example, an oak. Boards have to be rather thick that the ladder was strong. Previously wood needs to be processed impregnations from a mold and a fungus that it served long.

5. Lay concrete tiles or a natural stone on an adding layer which thickness of 15-20 centimeters. Make it of mix of sand and cement in a proportion 10:1. Stamp adding, and level the top three-five centimeters. Stack stone elements and stone blocks sideways, otherwise you can damage the basis.

6. It is optional to establish borders if your short flight of stairs is not exposed to strong physical activities. Just create the bank which represents the wide square flooded with concrete into which two-three extreme rows of stones or stone blocks are placed.

7. Try to control a corner and width of a surface of steps. Fill all cracks between separate details with dry sand. If your ladder is made of a brick brick, lay it on the same adding, as for a stone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team