As on a sign language to understand that you are pleasant to it

As on a sign language to understand that you are pleasant to it

Love – feeling which comes to the girl sooner or later. At this moment it seems that the most important in the world is it – object of her dreams. But usually love experiences are connected with uncertainty whether the girl is pleasant to this guy. Give feelings beloved usually its gestures.


1. Observe the guy when you are in the field of its attention. If he at the sight of you straightens shoulders, begins to pull in a stomach, trying to look more harmonious and more attractive, you are obviously not indifferent for it. At the same time the guy can begin to shake from himself nonexistent dust, to correct clothes and a hairstyle. All these manipulations say that he aspires to you it will be pleasant.

2. Do you notice that the beloved tries to glance imperceptibly at you, at the same time he all the behavior shows restraint? Observe, accidental it was the look or he regularly looks in your party. If you noticed that the guy regularly takes of you a view, most likely, you interested him.

3. If an object of your attention is in the company of friends, observe in what party it faces. If it is completely developed in your party, perhaps, you interest it. He sits to you sideways, but the sock of a leg "looks" in your party? The guy obviously has to you an interest. And if the man costs, the sock of a leg is directed to you and thumbs of hands are stuffed up for a belt, this man has to you sexual interest.

4. In the childhood the boys begin to show the interest in the pleasant girl by means of gestures. They push an object of the attention, pull braids. Less wild, but similar behavior it is possible to track also at adult men. That the girl paid attention, the man can "accidentally" push darling, but at the same time hold her. If similar gestures with elements of gallantry are traced also at the guy who interests you, do not doubt, he has to you feelings.

5. Also copying by the guy of your movements is sign of interest. For example, if you get phone from a handbag, it can mechanically take the in a hand too.

6. You are on friendly terms with the guy in whom you show interest, but you do not know whether it is worth hinting that you wish to pass to closer relations? During the conversation with it you watch his eyes. If he lowers them and does not face to you openly, you are pleasant to him and cause even constraint. The guy on the contrary you look openly? Pay attention to its pupil. If it is expanded and at the same time lighting good around, most likely, the guy shows sexual interest in you. He looks openly and the pupil is not expanded? You do not hurry to be upset and think that you for this man just a friend. If the guy focused attention on your left eye, it speaks about great interest to you which can quite develop into something bigger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team