As paternity changes men

As paternity changes men

Appearance of the child changes not only women, but also men. They with the birth of the kid become more responsible, sensitive, careful, able to rejoice even to the smallest victories.

By scientists it is proved that the birth of the kid in most cases radically changes behavior of the new father, his interests. However, during such period of change occur not only in behavior, but also at the physiological level.

Childbirth for two

Several decades ago presence of the father on the families of the wife was considered as something inadmissible, a nonsense. But gradually the trend began to change. And to husbands began to allow to participate together in this process, important for both. It is considered that so the man will better feel that the woman tests, will be able to support her, to encourage. And to the newborn baby after it there will be absolutely other relation. For many men the birth of the child – is similar to a miracle. And fatherly feelings at the man who accepted on the hands of own kid wake up much quicker, than at others. 

The child changes the father's hormones

That the birth of the child changes the man it is proved from the scientific point of view. At the same time researchers studied behavior of the man and his hormonal background. Also came to a conclusion that paternity affects even the chemical processes happening in a male brain. Perhaps, these changes are also responsible for behavior of the male father. At the same time you should not forget also about hormones which begin to prove even during pregnancy of the wife. At men during incubation by the spouse of the child and after his birth the level of oxytocin, prolactin, estrogen and glucocorticoids which are developed at communication and direct contact with mother and the child increases. And here testosterone level during this period decreases a little. Perhaps, so the nature disposed that the man was softer and quiet during this period and could not frighten the kid.  

One more interesting hormone – oxytocin which influences the relation between the father and the child and psychology of the man. At the same time the regularity is interesting: the more the man communicates and contacts to the kid, the oxytocin level is higher. And respectively, and the affection of the father for the child is higher. He begins to pay more attention to the kid, is more often to play with it and to worry more.

Careful and attentive

Change of a hormonal background of the man affects also his behavior and the attitude towards the child. So even most "stale", the man who is not expressing the feelings and emotions becomes more attentive, careful and sentimental. He wants to hold more often the kid on hands, to embrace him, to kiss, press to itself. It is noticed that children most often calm down on the father's hands.

The male father begins to be pleased new even if the smallest victories of the kid. Turned the head, turned over, spread, the first was cut through zubik – all this a good reason for pride.

The young parent watches more often purity of the hands and hands of the relatives who communicate with the child. At some fathers the washing of hands quite often reaches fanaticism.

Fathers begin to appreciate more a dream, it is the only way to have a rest and relax, distract from problems.  And with the small child every minute of a quiet dream is expensive.

One more interesting fact: young fathers will more often see off time in a toilet. At the same time malfunctions with a stomach here at all and. Just the toilet (or the bathroom) is the only place where it is possible to enjoy minutes of a privacy. 

Quite often young fathers in communication with other parents (on the platform, in kindergarten) discuss progress of children, games and even ways of feeding of children.

Usually male fathers do not forget to lock a door to the bedroom for the period of intimate proximity with the spouse.

And feeling special responsibility for the child, begin to care more for own health and personal security, driving on a car less and refusing (even if partially) addictions, alcohol and smoking.

And still responsible fathers monitor the speech and behavior, trying to be an example for imitation for the child. 

Apparently, paternity seriously changes life of men. But not all and not always. To some men the awareness of the new status and the responsibility corresponding to it comes at a distant day. To impart love of children to such fathers avoiding communication with the child and assistance to the spouse with the kid happens very difficult. And sometimes it is also impossible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team