As pregnancy influences the relations in family

As pregnancy influences the relations in family

Expectation of the child – the special period in the relations of the husband and wife. On the one hand, fast replenishment in family – the joyful event which is bringing together spouses. On the other hand, during pregnancy the habitual life of couple strongly changes, and because of it in family there can be conflicts.


1. Because of change of a hormonal background the pregnant woman becomes more irritable and quick-tempered. During this period the partner has to show a maximum of endurance, attention and care that the relations in family remained gentle and warm. However the woman should learn to constrain the emotional rushes, the patience of the man is not boundless. Try to control yourself not to break on the husband on trifles.

2. In some couples the woman, having learned about the pregnancy, cardinally changes the life while future father wants to live still. It inevitably leads to the conflicts, and sometimes and to parting. For example, earlier you every weekend went to the cinema, on concerts or just to friends, and now you would like to stay at home and read the book about care for babies. It is absolutely normal that the role of future mother becomes leading for the pregnant woman. However you should not forget that you also the wife. It is worth reckoning with opinion of your spouse and sometimes to concede to it. Look for compromises: suggest to go together this week to a picnic, and on following – to choose a changing table for the kid. Thus, you will still spend much time together, and learn to concede each other.

3. Before appearance of the kid future parents should solve the mass of problems. It is necessary to get a carriage, a bed, children's things, the first toys or if you decide not to buy anything in advance, to make lists of all necessary and to find out where it is on sale. Such pleasant efforts bring together couple. The woman should not make independently all purchases, future father the same parent, and he should join in questions of child care in advance.

4. For waiting time of the kid the woman passes a set of researches. It is possible to come to some of them with the husband. For example, more often future fathers are present at ultrasonography. Spouses together consider fingers of the kid, listen as heart of their child fights. These pleasant and disturbing minutes bring together the husband and the wife and help them to get used to a new role of future parents more and more.

5. If you go to courses for pregnant women, suggest the husband to keep you the company. To him as well as you, it is necessary to look after the baby, and knowledge how to change to the kid a diaper and how to bathe the newborn, will be useful. Besides quite often after visit of similar courses the husbands begin to treat with big understanding and awe to the pregnant wives, and some even decide to be present at the birth of the kid. So the husband and the wife gradually from the loving couple turn into the real family.

6. Unfortunately, sometimes during pregnancy in couple the insuperable conflicts appear. For example, if the man does not want to participate in life of future child at all or if the woman forgets that it not only future mother, but also the wife. Not to destroy the relation, such couples can ask for the help the psychologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team