As Pu-erh is ready

As Pu-erh is ready

Pu-erh represents a product fermented, that is, the made old tea leaves and is manufactured in China. It is the real find for those who suffer from the increased cholesterol level in blood and dream to lose excess weight.


1. This tea is unusual already because falls into hands to the buyer in the pressed look. Plus to everything Pu-erh has very specific bitterish aroma reminding a smell of falls of the earth after a rain. It is interesting that over the years Pu-erh gets prettier as old wine. Therefore it is much more pleasant and more useful to drink 7-9 summer Pu-erh. That correctly to make it, it is necessary to wash out at first it from bitterness and dust. For this purpose put in a clay teapot dry Pu-erh at the rate of 1 tsp on 150 g of liquid. Fill in it with the water heated to 80-85 degrees. In 20 seconds pour out water of a teapot. Such procedure allows Pu-erh to disclose the true deep taste.

2. Now it is possible to start a direct zavarivaniye. Fill in tea with the water heated at will to 80 or 85 degrees. Water temperature depends on that, you want to make the young or matured Pu-erh. If you use a teapot with a strainer, in 1-3 min. extend it from tea. If a teapot without strainer, later a couple of minutes pour tea on cups. Do not make Pu-erh longer than 3 min., otherwise receive too bitter drink. Those who prefer to make tea about 1 min. enjoy as a result a light and unostentatious aroma of drink, and those who mature tea within 3 min. receive more saturated and bitterish smack.

3. It is possible to make Pu-erh without use of a teapot, but in that case to be necessary for you two cups. For this purpose surely wash out tea as in step No. 1, then fill in with hot water and draw it, as in step No. 2. Pour ready Pu-erh in other cup and enjoy its warm taste and aroma. By the way, it is possible to make the same tea from 3 to 7 times. And tea brewing time, as a rule, increases about 4-5 times. Thanks to the specific pressed form and unusual structure of Pu-erh, the recurrence of a zavarivaniye helps to disclose its curative qualities better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team