As quarrels strengthen marriage

As quarrels strengthen marriage

Quarrels in family are traditionally perceived as the factor having negative effect on the relations. But psychologists are sure: quarrel to a quarrel discord!

If you learn to quarrel, not pribeyogy to insults, learn to find a solution, priyemyolemy for both, then your quarrels will not razruyoshat, and opposite, to strengthen the family relations. For what advantage it is worth waiting from the "correct" quarrel?

The tool for stress relief

If to keep negativyony emotions in itself, then niyochy good it does not zayokonchitsya. Early or pozdyono there comes the depression (result zatyanuvshegoyosya a stress) or there is a nervous breakdown (grandiozyony scandal which cannot be operated a prakticheyoska). The quarrel is a stick-vyruchalochyoka which helps to vyyoplesnut emotions that they did not destroy us an izyonutra. In expressive way vyyorazhy the emotions, we reduce stress and we can, having unloaded a nervous sisteyoma, to move further.

Council. That the quarrel was not a way of a nayokaplivaniye of a negative, but way of removal of a stresyos, it is necessary to learn to avoid insults and not to allow to involve itself in infinite transfer of last offenses.

Way to talk about problems

The quarrel can become in the way to draw attention to a probleyoma which very much disturbs you, but your alarm does not find a response from the soulmate. The expressional way of a vyrayozheniye of discontent is a signal that you strongly a situation and something is time to change not udovletyovorena urgently.

Council. If you stated to the partner the indignation of its actions, poured the contempt and on it calmed down, so the problem remained unresolved. It is more correct to postuyopit so: to express the feelings (not charges!) to listen to opinion of the partner on a situation, to offer solutions and not to be content with excuses, do not uslyyoshit in reply something it seems yet "Darling I will try!".

Way "encourage" intimate relations

After rainy day the vyyoglyanuvshy sun is in a new way perceived. After the quarrel so with pleasure primireyony! These moments of intensity of emotions refresh also intimate relations of spouses who after the quarrel will surely play new paints and will strengthen your feelings.

Council. Touches, embraces, kisses are a universal language of love, koyotory will help to finish any quarrel "correctly".

Way of formation of culture of the relations

Couples which first very violently find out otyonosheniye, but continue to stay together, posteyopenno develop opreyodelenny rules a povedeyoniya in conflict situayotion. Therefore over time they learn to conduct constructive dialogue, without entering a senseless skirmish. Such dialogue strengthens matrimonial otyonosheniye even more, helping to avoid misunderstanding and ostavatyyosya close people, at the same time quarreling less and less.

Council. The GlavYonyy doyostizheniye of the spouses with an experience who endured not one family "бурю" - ability of partnyoyor to listen and hear each other even in vreyomya quarrels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team