As Scales in love behave

As Scales in love behave

Scales in love often cannot solve, the present at them feeling or not. Taking the first steps for rapprochement with the partner, they begin to doubt, recede back. And such "swing" often proceeds very long.


1. Scales in love sharply rush in the attack. As in one certain timepoint they are absolutely sure of the feelings, are literally imposed to the potential partner, convincing that they fallen in love and ready for feats. As soon as the person reciprocates - the heat of Scales weakens. They are not sure any more that they made a right choice, and recede back. Of course, such behavior offends the partner. He begins to build the relations with others that Vesov instantly enrages, and they rush to the attack again.

2. Scales in love are rather selfish and require special attention to themselves. They consider that the partner has to them be grateful already for the fact that they after all were defined and are nearby.

3. Scales - the sign, reserved, not inclined to emotions. They not strongly rejoice to good news and not especially are upset if they heard something bad. Also they are not emotional in love.

4. Scales do not like to give gifts, just consider it superfluous. But also in reply do not demand any gifts. The main proof of love for them - admiration of the partner. Scales very much love flattery and are ready for the sake of it for everything.

5. Scales in love are not jealous at all. They are so self-assured that allow the partner to communicate with an opposite sex. They are ready even to forgive treason provided that the partner confessed and admitted adoration.

6. Scales in love do not love turmoil. The best appointment for them - houses, in front of the TV, having muffled in a favourite plaid. They do not need the public, then the attention of the partner will switch and he will not be able constantly to admire them.

7. Those who decided on the relation with Scales have to be ready to some monotony of joint life. But if you have a desire to meet friends or to go to a travel - Scales will not begin to interfere. Representatives of this sign will become excellent partners for those to whom freedom in the relations is expensive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team