As the 7-year wedding anniversary is called

As the 7-year wedding anniversary is called

Seven years of a legal marriage are a copper or woolen wedding. Still ahead, but wool caustic, and copper not strong. In it there is also a sense that all in hands of young people that will be held down and will be created from the relations, depends only on them.

Anniversary symbols: copper and wool

Copper is very easy in melting threw and it is symbolical. Having lived together seven years, spouses already well studied each other. In many families children appeared. And still statistically in seven years of joint life there are most of all divorces. Not for nothing this date is designated a copper and woolen wedding. Copper installs electrical equipment, that is the relations between spouses spark from misunderstanding and quarrels. And at the same time copper very plastic material and each couple has an opportunity to mold or build up the relationship.

Seven-year anniversary is much, but at the relations there is a causticity, it is jealousy that corresponds to wool. Wool pricks, but it also warms, creates a cosiness to which there is a wish to return. This period in life has the name – crisis of monotony. In your life everything is stable, you already know the prosperity, distribute the budget and make plans for the half a year ahead. The husband already not so often brings flowers (if at all brings), you in turn meet him from work in hair curlers, but not with a romantic dinner. A conclusion arises by itself – life drained in you to the swamp.

And still about good: nobody except you knows better what to prepare for darling for dinner that he ran from work home. What surprise to give the wife to see a smile on her face. You together and only you know already long time how to give each other pleasure and joy.

What to give

In old times was considered that the metal ring frightens off any evil spirits, misfortune and evil spirits because it is similar to bell-ringing. Therefore gave symbolically copper hand bells. As a symbol of wellbeing and prosperity copper coins are good as a gift. If someone already got the house, to appropriate present a horseshoe, there will be by the way also copper ringlets. And as this date not only copper, but also woolen, a pleasant and kind gift will become a woolen cover or a scarf. And as it will be pleasant to the spouse to receive the woolen socks knit by the wife which will warm him in the cold evenings this day. And still seven is a figure of luck. It symbolizes secret knowledge, wisdom and sacred number. Pay attention: seven notes, seven days in a week, seven wonders of the world. Anyway all in your hands, listen to each other, talk – after the copper wedding ahead still silver, gold and diamond.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team