As the child develops

As the child develops

All loving parents surely think of a question – whether the child correctly develops? To answer this question, it is necessary to watch attentively the child, to draw conclusions and to follow the basic principles of education and development of the child.

First of all, dear parents, you remember that each child is a unique, unique personality who grows and develops according to the plan. Even in one family there are no identical brothers and sisters, and the twins similar at each other can strongly differ in character and development.

However during each age period there are certain skills which the child has to possess. You are not lazy to study medical and pedagogical literature on children, to ask doctors and tutors as the child what he shows abilities that at it turns out and that is not present develops. Many parents make a big mistake, comparing the kid to other children. So it is impossible to do at all, it forms the underestimated child's self-assessment which various complexes follow.

Do not provide education and development of your child only to kindergarten and school, be engaged with him. You teach the kid to mold, glue, cut out, do together with him hand-made articles. Mother can teach the daughter to useful needlework, and the father will prompt to the son how to hammer a nail or to make a birds feeder. Do not feel sorry for time for the child, do not plead strong employment and fatigue, fruits of your attention will not be long in coming. Joint creative activity and live participation in life of the child not only will help his full development, but also will create between you good, trusting relationship which will keep it from errors of teenage age. Try to talk and communicate more with the child, to be aware of his affairs, answer questions of the kid, this amazing world is so interesting to him. Read to it more, continue to do it even then when he learns to read. In this case reading will become hobby of the child that will contribute to the development of his inquisitiveness, creative imagination, acquisition of "congenital literacy" and erudition. Let the kid attend some circles and additional classes, then his abilities and talents will be able to be shown more brightly. But even if you will not find art or musical abilities in the kid, be not upset, most likely he has other talents which will be shown later. Anyway all circles and occupations will be useful to the child to the general development. The main thing – generously you give to the kid the love and attention. It is a basis of education of the happy, full-fledged personality. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team