As the diet influences men and women

As the diet influences men and women

Recent researches helped scientists to draw a conclusion that the diet differently influences men and women. It is shown in several moments at once.

The Danish scientists managed to find out that the diet absolutely differently influences men and women. It concerns both the speed of weight loss, and advantage for an organism, and even moods.

It is more useful to men?

The group of the Danish scientists conducted a number of researches which showed that men quickly lose extra kilos, keeping to a diet. In the course of the experiment of participants of both sexes fed with special food briquettes strictly on time. Both men, and women were under constant strict observation of the expert. The experiment lasted more than 2 months. At all this its participants equally avoided physical activities.

The diet consisted in considerable decrease in caloric content of a diet of all examinees. In day each person with food received about 900 calories. As a result it became clear that men grow thin quicker, and, so similar changes of a diet are more useful to them. In 8 weeks the men lost on average in 12 kg, and girls – on 10.

Such research allowed to understand that the same diets categorically are not suitable for growing thin of both sexes. Endocrinologists and nutritionists have to be engaged in development of "men's" and "female" food allowances for weight reduction.

Nutrients and mood

It is considered to be that the strict diet is capable to worsen mood of any person. Scientists did not confirm such assumption. It turned out that poor not various food has negative impact only on mood of great ladies. The thing is that for a positive spirit the girls need a rich and various set of nutrients. They do not affect male psychological state. Therefore men can quite eat long time the simplest dishes like buckwheat cereal and boiled chicken breast and at the same time not feel small. And here women can say goodbye to a positive spirit already in couple of days of a strict monotonous diet.

Nutritionists confirmed that they the most part of the modern diets made for weight loss comprise enough calories for normal functioning of an organism, but it is not enough nutrients. Therefore the women working on weight reduction quite often suffer from disturbing states and a depression. To keep the mood raised even during a diet, girls need to try to make the diet the most balanced and various. Of course, at the same time in it low-calorie "easy" dishes and products have to prevail.

Today the set of monodiets is known. For example, egg, buckwheat, apple. These are diets during which for weight loss it is recommended to eat only one chosen product. It is allowed to supplement only it with water and small portions of dairy drinks. Such diets are equally harmful both to men, and to women. They deprive an organism of substances, important for normal functioning, and can lead to serious problems with health. They are capable also to bring women to a depression. Especially if to adhere to such diet the long period.

What diet to choose?

It is interesting that even the type of the chosen menu for weight loss can affect psychological state of the person in a special way. So, the "western" diet affects in this plan even men. It differs in the high content of fats and sugar therefore makes men uneasier and irritable.  

And here the diet consisting mainly of dishes of the Mediterranean kitchen, on the contrary, gives a charge of cheerfulness and a positive. To girls she is capable to improve mood at all.

Also scientists found out that in general reduction of number of calories in the menu considerably prolongs life to both men, and women. "The food asceticism" positively affects the state of health of people of any gender. The low-calorie diet prevents development of diabetes, protects from a stroke and various problems with heart and vessels, is prevention of a hypertension and many other problems. She does not assume constant starvation at all. On such diet it is only necessary to make a choice for low-calorie products and to try to reduce portions of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team