As the father's instinct is shown

As the father's instinct is shown

At some men the instinct of the father works at once, to some comes gradually later, and some, apparently, live without it all life. Perhaps, we do not see it, or perhaps just we prevent to be shown to this instinct. How and when it can be shown at the man?


1. For a start let's define at once that the fatherly instinct or parental is shown at all differently. And to many men as, however, and to women, the parental instinct is not given from the birth. It is the acquired skill expressed in care of the posterity. So, if parents of the man did not take care of putting such skill, you should try.

2. The instinct of the father is most often shown at early stages. When the child small and pretty and care of it is more similar to a game in house. That the instinct of the father was shown at this stage, you should train the partner for a role of the father in advance. Discuss the child until he appeared. Give to the man the chance to buy for him things most, let he will buy a little clothes and toys. Dream together as you will cheerfully spend together with the child time behind games soon. Tell the elect what he can teach the child to.

3. Often in families when the child already appeared, the woman suffers, saying that the man has no father's instinct. And the man just does not know at this time what to do to him, or says that he will be engaged in the child when that grows up. Show to the partner that with the child it is necessary and it is possible to communicate at all stages of his life. Give him the instruction how to behave with the child. Give it more responsibility, do not undertake everything. This is your child, he the general, both care and leaving have to be the general. Let the partner play, bathes, walks with the kid, and gradually at him desire to care for the child more and more will begin to appear.

4. The father's instinct is expressed also in material security of family. Often men do not understand why they have to earn more with the advent of the kid. Show expenditure for the child to the partner, let he at least several times a month itself buys all necessary for the kid. Write how much it is necessary for you: bed, carriage, diapers, pampers, books, toys, clothes. Try to think together with the partner that you want to give to the kid and as to provide it. The man has to be present at all spheres of life of the child, and not just financially. But the financial component the most important, so far mother does not work and sits at home with the kid.

5. If the child already quite big, and you did not see due interest in it at the elect, try about it to talk to it. Often for this purpose there are reasons. Perhaps, the man considers such manner of behavior correct because at it in family it was so got, then it is worth showing it more successful family examples where parents and children are happy from communication with each other. It is possible also that your environment influences the partner, then let he will think and whether there will be such environment in old age and that it is more important - family or friends. Anyway talk, you communicate, seek to find the general behavior model, ideal only for your family. Also do not forget to resort in the serious and started cases to the help of experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team