As the first to start talking to the guy

As the first to start talking to the guy

The girl sometimes gets into such situation: met the good guy, he very much was pleasant to it, there was a wish to get acquainted closer. She to him takes great pain to hint about that he showed an initiative and started talking to it. And the guy for some reason is silent. Here also guess: whether it not in its taste, whether it shy, timid. To start talking just right the first, most to show an initiative, but language does not turn. And, as ill luck would have it, everything does not reach the guy.

1. Try to convince yourself that that you will approach the first the guy and start talking to him, there is nothing shameful, reprehensible at all. Now after all not former times when it really could cause the general condemnation. The main thing – you keep at the same time modestly, frostily, with advantage. Remember that guys do not love thoughtless girls who behave is too free.

2. If you after all cannot decide to begin a conversation in any way, resort to simple and effective psychological reception. Try to remember some moment when you in the childhood had to overcome strong fear or confusion, constraint. For example, when training in swimming when you still were afraid of depth or when you were asked to read something aloud at a children's concert, and you hesitated of strangers. But overcame themselves. Here and now inspire in yourself that you should not be afraid of a conversation. At once you will see that there is nothing terrible in it.

3. A good way to begin a conversation is to ask the young man some simple, natural question or a request for trifling, easy service. The best beginning: "Sorry, you could not …". Do not forget to smile, politely to thank. And there, little by little, the conversation will be started.

4. If you inquired about this guy and know what his tastes, hobbies, it will be very simple to you to begin a conversation. It is only necessary to wait for an opportunity and then, kind of accidentally, to drop: "And here I heard …". Also issue some information concerning a subject of his hobbies. Try only that your remark was not heard unnaturally or, it is worse than that, ridiculously. It will be very pleasant to guy to find a soulmate, he for certain willingly will answer. And further already everything in your hands. And, of course, beginning a conversation with the guy, for a minute do not forget about magic power of a look and intonation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team