As the first to take a step to the man

As the first to take a step to the man

Traditionally the first step to acquaintance or the beginning of the relations is done by men, however they will hardly become interested in that woman who is not located to communication and flirtation. Besides, males can just be frightened of the beautiful girl because of fear of refusal. Then you should take the initiative.


1. Before starting active actions, it is necessary to become self-assured. Not to think of how look your silhouette from outside, think of appearance in advance. Visit the gym, do hair - generally, give to a body a well-groomed look. As for clothes, it should not be defiant, and more likely your figure which is a little concerning and emphasizing advantages.

2. To draw attention of the pleasant man, use the main weapon – a look and a smile. The look can be fast, but exact, or long which will be more effective to look together with coquettish tilting of a lock of hair. The smile has to be natural and easy.

3. If he already paid attention to you, resort to cunning, for example, having asked it to help. Situations can be different – to help to fill out the document, to choose the book in shop or just to find the road. The man respecting himself surely will respond to a request. Or perhaps he still will be grateful to you for it as he at the same moment puzzled in hope to start talking to you.

4. If you meet the same person several times in a row and already felt to him burning interest, it will be even simpler to take the first step, perhaps. At each next meeting greet it with a smile, a nod of the head or traditional "good afternoon". Depending on in what place you most often see each other, define your common interests: love for music, literature, sports competitions or theater productions. The example of the first phrase can be such: "Hi, excellent exhibition, isn't that so? And how to you previous? …"

5. In your environment there is a man with whom you communicate long ago, but the relations "got stuck" at a friendship stage? Tell it about the feelings, but it is unostentatious. For example, when he will successfully joke next time, tell him: "You are pleasant to me", but as if you told: "You have a beautiful tie". Anyway, he will remember these words and, perhaps, will look at you with other eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team