As the first to throw the guy

As the first to throw the guy

Problems in the relations - quite widespread phenomenon. And if there is no exit from current situation, then the girl can leave the guy and begin search of more suitable person. It is better to make it as it is possible more carefully to avoid the possible conflicts.


1. Think whether really you want to leave the guy and if yes, that for what reason. Present everything in mind what you passed with it through, remember into what negative situations got. Besides, think of negative qualities of the guy which are not pleasant to you.

2. Be adjusted on the fact that in the nearest future you will leave. Often spontaneous gap can cause feeling that you hurried and to develop into a long depression. Make sure thatMake sure that the guy does not cause in you anything, except a negative and that you are ready for time to remain one and to begin to look for a new object for the relations.

3. Be prepared for a serious conversation with the guy. It is better to construct the plan and to write down the remarks on paper. Remember that your arguments have to sound as it is possible more seriously that the guy did not decide that you just want to make a pause in the relations, and really break off them forever.

4. Choose the place for a serious conversation. It is better not to meet in those places which cause in you pleasant memories, otherwise feelings can confuse you. Before a meeting call the guy and tell that you want to talk seriously to him that it not another appointment. Perhaps, having heard it, the guy himself will guess that you want to tell him, and will be morally ready.

5. Hold a meeting. Behave naturally, take an interest, as at the guy of business. You should not pass to abuse and to begin scandal, it is the best of all to stop the relations peacefully. Politely tell the guy that you do not want to meet him any more, report the reasons for which you act this way, having remembered all negative that you had to endure. If he reacts to it quietly, suggest to remain friends, it will help to avoid prepiraniye further. You hold a distance. You speak as it is possible more convincingly that the guy did not begin attempt to persuade you to return. Tell that the conversation is ended, and at once go to the party.

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