As the girl has to behave with the guy

As the girl has to behave with the guy

The male attention for the girl is similar to moisture for a flower - it from it blossoms. At the same time men pay attention to some girls more, and on others - it is less. The reason here not in appearance and not in sexuality, and in behavior. How the girl behaves with the guy, depends whether there will be a continuation of their relations or not.


1. Do not go into extremes. The attractive girl is not a synonym of availability and levity. Available persons are interesting to guys only for one night. And those which are capable to interest have chances to construct with it the further relations. Therefore be not too forward and it is vulgar. Other extreme - coldness and arrogance. It is unlikely the guy will begin to flirt with you if you show very clearly that he is lower than your advantage, and you never pay attention to it. The ideal option at communication with the guy is to behave naturally. You are you, with all merits and demerits. If the person is interested in you, everything will be interesting to him, and if not, then any mask not to hook on him.

2. Be not too open. Guys are attracted by what they cannot understand. Female riddles leave a strong impression in their hearts. Do not admit openly the sympathy, but hint at it - by means of speaking glances, accidental touch. In a word, unostentatiously flirt if the guy to you is nice. Flirtation is a means of communication which can be compared to a game: it does not oblige to anything you.

3. Give a chance to the man you to win. However many psychologists repeated that the stronger sex by the nature reaches for gains, girls continue to show an initiative and to present themselves to the man in the ready and best view. It is incorrect tactics of communication. Availability is not interesting to guys. Therefore give a chance to the elect you to win, to feel the knight who is trying to obtain arrangement of the great lady. Only be not overzealous with inaccessibility.

4. Create the atmosphere of the competition. Men love competitions and if you hint that yesterday you quickly arrived home because you were given a ride by the friend, then thereby you will let know to it that around you there are also other admirers that it is necessary to start actions for resolute gaining your heart.

5. Show interest in the guy. It will be located to you if sees that it is interesting to you to learn what he is a person, than is fond also that loves. Communicate with the guy freely, honestly and without irony.

6. Use a method of "carrot and stick" - approach the guy, expressing to all the behavior sympathy for it, move away from it as if you took offense at it for something. This method of increase in men's interest is checked by thousands of girls, and it really works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team