As the girl needs to behave

As the girl needs to behave

Young girls in the last decades try to overtake guys more and more. Also it is shown, mostly, in their behavior. It is worth watching it that who does not want to be ranked as crowd of sexless beings, and is eager to remain womanly and to be pleasant to men.


1. Be friendly and ordinary in communication. The correct behavior of the girl - to be open to communication with all, to perceive nobody in bayonets, to smile and stir with everyone. Posing as a beech which does not need new acquaintances, you risk to remain alone, such people of very few people attract.

2. Refuse strong language and sharp expressions. The girl using brutality in creation of the image periodically slides on bad manners. Of course, in sixteen it will also seem to someone abrupt, but in twenty will already become indecent.

3. Opening to the man, always leave a riddle. Communication with an opposite sex holds a specific place in a woman's world. Do not spread about yourself all cherished secrets at the first meetings, communicate on different subjects, leaving some personal information closed for strangers.

4. Be yourself. Pretense and gallery play do not paint any girl. Try to understand and accept yourself such what you are. You should not speak about love for the ballet if that in your life is not present. If you the modest well-mannered lady, it is silly and unattractive to pose as the tearaway, at least.

5. Be not afraid to show the weakness. Women therefore are called the weaker sex that them it is necessary to sponsor, protect, help in all that it happened. Therefore be not confused to say that you do not know something or you are not able, do not represent yourself as the almighty queen, actually it not so.

6. Try to be womanly. The line includes a communication manner, gait, clothes style, tone of a conversation and many other things. The femininity reveals over the years, but it is worth beginning creation of the image since early years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team