As the girl to whom you were pleasant behaves

As the girl to whom you were pleasant behaves

The ability to feel and understand behavior of women comes with experience. And to very often young people happens unclear, the girl likes them or not. They guess on what signs it is possible to distinguish sympathy.


1. The girl who liked the young man will not show the sympathy too obviously. She will try to draw attention with various female cunnings. For example, will ask to help to inform of heavy bags, to solve a complex problem, to repair a chain. Thus she lets the young man know that she sees in him the real man - strong and courageous, capable to solve any problem.

2. If the guy was pleasant to the girl, she will try to catch sight to him. He will see her near himself in the institute dining room or on the way home in the subway. If they have mutual friends, then the girl will begin a thicket to communicate with them in hope that the young man who was pleasant to it will join the company too.

3. The girl who is in love tries to look attractively. She puts on short skirts, skinny jeans, does a fashionable hair and tries to show the face in such look to an adoration subject.

4. The woman in love gives signs to a sympathy object. She makes eyes, touches a hand or a shoulder, asks to help to put on a jacket, gives compliments. She consciously makes tactile contact as penetrations into personal space transfer the relations to other level. If earlier you were just classmates and colleagues, then now became people between whom, perhaps, the novel will arise.

5. Besides all female cunnings, girls use standard practices of establishing contact. Are interested in a hobby and preferences of a subject of adoration, try to find the general points of interests to keep up the conversation, joke, send congratulations on holidays on social networks, etc. If you see such behavior of the girl, and she is pleasant to you too - be not lost. Show an initiative and make an appointment, it precisely will not refuse to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team