As the guy can prove the love

As the guy can prove the love

Men should prove the love, as a rule, in two cases: when they try to obtain reciprocity from the girl or when there is a serious conflict which can lead to parting. Nevertheless, it is possible to show the feelings and without cause.


1. You give to the darling flowers. Pay attention: it is not only about magnificent bouquets of scarlet roses. For example, it is possible to get a bouquet of lilies of the valley or camomiles as a reminder on spring and summer, on warm days in the winter. The small modest bouquet sometimes happens enough to lighten the mood to the girlfriend. If you are too engaged at work or forced to go to a business trip, send flowers with the courier. By the way, it is a great option and in case there was a quarrel. Just apply to a bouquet a note with declaration of love and a request for forgiveness.

2. Regularly show to the beloved a small affection. You can invite the girl in cafe if she freezes – to offer the jacket and to embrace, buy it ice cream in hot day, to agree to watch together the movie which is pleasant to it. Coming on a visit or coming back home if you already live together, you bring what is loved by your girl: cookies, candies, cake, etc.

3. Care for the darling. Help it to cook food, to buy products or to clean up the apartment when she about it asks you. Having come home the first, make a dinner, at least the most elementary, and wash the dishes. Care for the girl when she is sick. Be interested in what is pleasant to your darling, or at least pretend that you listen to her, even when she says about what you do not understand and what you do not want to penetrate into.

4. Be able to be near when it is necessary, but not to be imposed at the same time. If your beloved it is bad, prove the love, having supported her at a difficult moment. If it needs the help, help, but be not overzealous. Protect the beloved in process of forces, do not leave one in trouble. The tactfulness and not persistence in combination with readiness to come to the rescue at any time can become the best proof of your love for the girl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team