As the guy can prove to the girl that he loves her

As the guy can prove to the girl that he loves her

Men in essence hunters. Even in the relations the man shows an initiative and shows the first the feelings. But what to do if the girl does not trust in your love? In your forces to prove to it that you really love it.

  • - petals of roses;
  • - food for a romantic dinner or a picnic;
  • - paint for an inscription under windows.

1. Be attentive from the darling. Women very thinly feel and perceive everything that occurs. It can replace some detail of the hairstyle and wait from you for a compliment. If you do not notice changes, she will take offense, and you will not even know the contention reason. Notice each trifle, pay all the attention to the girl that she saw how strongly you try to prove the love for it.

2. Become the most careful. Surround the girl with the care, letting know that you worry about it. When you not nearby all day, send SMS in which be interested whether she has dinner as she feels what she would like in the evening. Be ready to execute any desire if you want to please the darling.

3. Become for the darling the real knight. Always open before her doors, offer a hand when it goes out of transport or goes down from steps. The woman always waits for emergence in the life of the man with whom it will be in safety and will be able to show all the best qualities. If the partner does not give confidence in tomorrow, the girl should try to obtain independently something, to cope with troubles. Let your darling know that you will always come to the rescue and solve any problem. Become her defender.

4. Arrange surprises. It is not obligatory to buy expensive gifts if you cannot afford it. But to organize a picnic at the lake or to make the way for a romantic dinner on the rooftop everyone can do. Show to darling that for the sake of her you are ready to take any actions if only it was near you. Give vent to romantic feelings. Cover its room with petals of roses, sing the serenade or write declaration of love under windows. Such acts together with all above-mentioned will not allow the girl to doubt your love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team