As the husband has to treat the wife

As the husband has to treat the wife

That how successful will be a marriage, depends equally on both spouses. Therefore try to treat own wife properly. Show love, understanding and respect, trust the blessed and become for it the real support in life.

1. Show love to the spouse. Let the period of active courting remained in the past. But near you now that woman whom you tried to obtain. If you do not want to lose the darling, do not forget about need to show it that you love it and you appreciate. You give flowers to the wife not only on holidays, but also just like that. Arrange her pleasant romantic surprises.

2. Care for the spouse. Meet her in the evenings, look after the wife when she badly feels. At a meeting with the spouse ask in the evening how there passed it day, sincerely take an interest, than there lives your beloved. Be the real gentleman from blessed, and it he will be grateful to you for caress and care.

3. Help the wife about the house. It is impossible to assume that all homework was charged brittle shoulders of your beloved. Do everything that you can and you are able to do on the house, offer the help. Let your spouse know that it is possible to count on you during the cleaning or repair.

4. Try to understand the wife. Establish trusting relationship with the spouse. You share with what lies at you on heart, and be ready to listen to the spouse. Understanding is also important for successful, long and happy marriage, as well as love. Without mutual understanding the love union can quickly sputter out.

5. Trust the spouse. It is not necessary to be jealous her without cause. Such behavior is the evidence not of great love, but the proprietary relation. Be fair to the wife and do not offend her the groundless suspicions.

6. Do not limit freedom of the beloved. Except family, it has to have also a private life. Otherwise one day you can or lose the spouse, or find near yourself instead of the self-sufficient woman the person who is ready to be dissolved completely in you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team