As the husband with the pregnant wife has to behave

As the husband with the pregnant wife has to behave

Pregnancy – the special period in life not only the woman who is going to become mother but also the father of her future child. Some husbands complain that pregnant wives became absolutely intolerable – often are capricious, cry, can make scandal literally out of the blue. Yes, often it is necessary the pregnant woman's husband very hardly. But right now, during this period he has to behave especially reasonably, tactfully and carefully.


1. First of all understand that your situation is not unique. Many generations of men to you faced the same problems. The fact is that in an organism of the pregnant woman there is most real hormonal "storm". Differences of her mood, tearfulness, capriciousness and even aggression are explained by it. The wife behaves so not for harm, not because wants to annoy you, and because of sharp change of a hormonal background. As soon as you understand it, it will be easier for you to transfer its whims. Therefore you do not scold and do not reproach the wife, demanding to get it together, and try to show condescension and tolerance.

2. Do not stint kind words and courtesies, inspire in it that you love it still, it is even more than earlier, it carries under heart of your child now! Even for fun, do not laugh at its blurred figure, the changed gait, etc. at all. Some women so worry because of it that they can bring themselves to the real depression. It seems to them that because of the worsened appearance the husbands will not be able to treat them with former love and passion any more. Therefore you say to the spouse more often that she for you still favourite and desired.

3. If the forthcoming childbirth the first, the inexperienced woman can strongly be afraid. She is frightened also by pain which accompanies process of childbirth, and thoughts whether everything will pass normally, whether there will be no something bad to the child. Try to dispel her fears delicately. Inspire in it confidence that everything will be as it should be.

4. Provide the wife with good and various nutrition, vitamin-rich and minerals. You go with her for a walk more often. Do not assume that she raised weights. Surely undertake at least a part of homework. In a word, behave as it befits the careful and responsible man, future father of the child!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team