As the ideal man looks

As the ideal man looks

Your men though good, but correspond to an ideal not always and not in everything. However to result them in this compliance in your forces. For this purpose it is necessary to take several not too difficult actions.


1. To make the man attractive and tidy, for a start try to accustom him to a bathtub. Some of them though watch purity, but only in the evening. And the ideal man surely takes a shower in the mornings. Also it is not important at all, the mechanic it, the doctor, the system administrator, the foreman or the executive director. And after a shower the shaving and drawing good, let and inexpensive perfume surely has to follow. Also it is worth remembering that a shower is taken after a breakfast when all household chores are finished and it is time to gather for work.

2. Teach the man to watch the hands and nails. It is not obligatory to visit salon and all evenings to carry out behind polishing and baths, but nails at the ideal man always shortly both are accurately cut and are kept clean.

3. Accustom the soulmate to change socks, linen and shirts daily. Some consider that it is possible and to carry these things several days, especially, when cool. Not a bit! And if concerning a shirt still with great reserve, but it is possible to agree, concerning linen and socks – by no means! The ideal man has to look accurately.

4. Explain to the beloved that he has to watch purity of footwear. At the ideal man it always shines, on it there is no dried-up dirt, and it is not covered by dust. Also footwear is put in order since evening.

5. The man working at office (in laboratory, in audience and other similar places) always has to wear a suit. Exceptions of this rule are extremely rare and only confirm it. And the suit has to be classical and strict, not striking and elegant. And here not to do without your help to men. Help the beloved to choose a worthy suit of an ideal. Also do not forget to pick up a tie which will be well combined with other articles of clothing of your soulmate.

6. During the work on production, as a rule, to guys the working form is given. Accustom the man to bring weekly it home on washing and repair. Even the real handsome in a dirty uniform with the torn sleeve will look modestly.

7. The ideal man has always an ideal hairstyle, irrespective of a profession. Remind the favourite man of a visit to hairdressing salon, and it is even better – buy the machine and cut it as required.

8. The ideal man is never spat. Unfortunately, some guys suffer from such habit and do not even notice it. Disaccustom! The spat handsome – not a sight for the faint of heart. Having taken these simple actions, you quite will be able let and not to bring the man to perfection, but though to bring closer a little it to the ideal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team