As the loving man behaves

As the loving man behaves

Sometimes to the woman, especially young and inexperienced, it is hard to understand whether really the boyfriend is in love with it or it for him only object of short-term hobby. And the mistake can lead to bitter disappointment. Certainly, you should not be excessively mistrustful, suspicious, assimilating to those ladies who are sure that all men from women need only one. But after all will not prevent to know how really loving man has to behave.


1. If the man really loves you, he will see in you only good. And he or will not notice your shortcomings at all, or will treat them very indulgently. If something is not pleasant to him in your words or acts, he will close eyes to it. As a last resort, will talk to you on this subject, but it is very delicate, tactfully and by all means alone. He will not begin to criticize you in the presence of strangers.

2. Really loving man will not be humiliated before to live at the expense of the beloved or to solve some problems with her help. Even if you are much better provided or have higher social status, your gentleman himself will support himself and to move ahead independently on an office ladder. Just because he is a man.

3. For the loving man there are no other women. Of course, he can sincerely admire beauty or mind of some lady, but will not begin to make advances to her, to try to look after. If he acts this way, so only one of many does not love you really, you for him.

4. The loving man cares for the woman, worries about its safety. Its courtesies and offers of the help can seem to you excessive, sometimes even importunate. But it means that you are really dear to it!

5. When the man loves, he is respectful to the woman, attentively listens to her opinion, councils. Even in case your boyfriend is brought up in patriarchal spirit and considers that the man has to make all decisions, he will not wave away with neglect from your words. Especially will not afford a rough remark of type: "Shut up, I told everything!"

6. If you had no sex yet, really loving man will not hurry you, insisting that you proved the love. On the contrary, if it persistently declines you to intim, without paying attention to whether you want it, there is already an occasion to become thoughtful: how sincerely its feelings?

7. The loving man during proximity will not behave roughly and selfishly, caring only for the sensual pleasure. He will try that you took pleasure too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team