As the male Maiden falls in love

As the male Maiden falls in love

Male Maidens are given birth during the period from August 24 to September 23. It is the pronounced terrestrial zodiac sign showing properties of character, traditional for these elements.


1. Maidens belong to the category of pedantic and hardworking, persistent and reliable men who are very responsible in work and try to obtain achievements in career. However the modesty prevents them to gain full recognition therefore often they can be seen in the companies at the second most important positions. In the relations and in public they are also not inclined to eclipse the partner. If the male Maiden decided that some specific woman is necessary to it and is worthy to be his wife, he will systematically try to obtain her.

2. For the woman the male Maiden it is capable to become the patron, the adviser and the friend, true and reliable, he will hardly give a reason for jealousy. The fidelity comes to it easily since it does not differ in passion though it depends on date of birth - the Maiden can be and very temperamental.

3. From the partner the representative of this zodiac sign will wait for ability to create a cosiness in the house and to dispose wisely of the family budget, and it is even better - to help it with career the finance or opportunities. To romantic women can be difficultcan be difficult to such man as the vitaniye in clouds is not peculiar to him. The love for parties and secular actions is also not peculiar to it, he will prefer them quiet rest behind the book or in a garden. He seeks to observe a day regimen.

4. On the one hand, the woman will be able to feel financially provided and financially protected with the male Maiden. But with another - he will hardly sponsor all her desires. He is economical and seeks to invest money reasonably. If he spent them for something, then usually it is quality goods and services. The maiden seeks to create the capital, and it is irritated by the women who are starting up money downwind. In the companion of life it first of all looks for rather a wife and the friend, and then the mistress.

5. It approaches the choice of the beloved responsibly, very exactingly, and sometimes can be intolerant. Quite often Maidens remain bachelors for many years. And they not strongly suffer from it since work is quite capable to replace with it love, whether it be scientific activity or service. If they decide to get family, to it will systematically go and look for the suitable partner. That the male Maiden opened the soul, it is necessary to try very much.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team