As the man can define that the woman imitates an orgasm

As the man can define that the woman imitates an orgasm

For the loving man important that his woman derived a maximum of pleasure from sex and reached pleasure peak. But for a number of reasons (fatigue, insufficient excitement, an indisposition, etc.) the woman is often forced to imitate an orgasm not to offend the partner. How to the man to define that the woman pretends to be?

Signs of imitation of an orgasm

  • At feigned "orgasm" the man will not feel rhythmical "spasms" in which internal muscles of the woman participate. It is important to understand that the pulsation of muscles of a vagina, a uterus, a pelvic bottom, an abdominal press has to happen not chaotically, and to an accurate interval approximately of one second. There is an important nuance which needs to be considered. Many women perfectly know internal muscles (there are many different ways to train vagina muscles) therefore skilled ladies cannot simulate a vagina pulsation at the right time.
  • Nipples are not strained, are in the weakened, soft state - it is a strong indication of lack of an orgasm. Also if the clitoris erection (it is not increased in a size) is not observed and the external vulvar lips resulting from rush of blood to genitals have no characteristic "rollers", too the orgasm is improbable. These signs are so physiologic that the woman will not be able to simulate them in any way.
  • Is not present or there is almost no natural moistening of a vagina. Lubricant and vaginal secretion have to be emitted plentifully at increase of excitement and an orgasm. It is almost impossible to reach an orgasm at a dry vagina.
  • At approach of the real orgasm the woman very actively moves towards to the partner to strengthen feelings in a vagina and pressure upon a clitoris. At present in her the most real female which nothing in this world concerns, except approach of own discharge wakens. At it the person and area of a breast reddens, the body becomes covered by a perspiration, pulse and breath becomes more frequent. Therefore if your lady does not show such signs, hardly business goes to an orgasm.
  • Characteristic sign of an orgasm – the grimace which is involuntarily distorting a woman's face. It can be the most real grin or widely open mouth, strongly narrowed eyes, etc. At the time of an orgasm the woman cannot control the mimicry in any way. Therefore if the man does not see such changes in the face of the partner, it was imitation of an orgasm.
  • If the woman at once after sexual contact easily switches to a talk or affairs, most likely she had no orgasm. A condition of luxury, pleasure and slackness – faithful companions of the woman after achievement of the real orgasm. At least 20-30 minutes, and at most – several hours the woman can test very pleasant consequences of an orgasm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team