As the man's life after a marriage changes

As the man's life after a marriage changes

After a marriage in life of the man changes and sometimes rather cardinal begin to happen. Not all of them are capable to give joy and satisfaction, but many negative points can be prevented.

For most of newlyweds the marriage becomes the beginning of new life as it is capable to change a lot of things. Some men admit that from the beginning of family life they had to refuse many habits, to learn to make a compromise with the soulmate. At the same time very few people wish to return to barchelor everyday life, the marriage gives also pleasant surprises. 

After marriage the emergence of household problems is inevitable. Especially sharply those their newlyweds who before marriage did not live together can feel. For some men it becomes the real problem. Until recently the harmony and ease reigned in the relations with the girlfriend, and after the wedding became obvious that the darling - not the really good hostess or, on the contrary, so loves purity that constantly ""saws"" the man concerning the ware left in a sink or the scattered things. 

Newlyweds not always understand that they grew in different social conditions and they can have different views on life. To keep good relations, it is necessary to learn to make concessions. 

After a marriage of free time at the man becomes less. Before marriage he could meet the girlfriend, pay her attention, but the rest of the time belonged to him. After the wedding the shortage of personal space is felt very sharply. That each of spouses felt comfortable, it is necessary to find free time for a hobby, a sit-round gathering in cafe with girlfriends and viewing a football match with friends. It will do good to the relations. 

Many men complain that the relations with the beloved after marriage become colder. The spouse begins to give less attention over time. If earlier during the meetings and romantic appointments they completely belonged each other, then after the wedding another matters, household problems appeared. 

Partners gradually get used to each other and gain confidence that their soulmate will not leave now anywhere. And it means that it is possible to go about quietly the own business and to pay less attention to darling. Sexual life quite often too to become less various. It is easily explainable as people are attracted with what is inaccessible. That the relations did not reach a deadlock, it is necessary to pay each other more attention, to try to bring a variety intimate life. 

In this case it is necessary to find pluses in the happened changes. The beloved after the wedding always is near and it is not necessary to look for the place for meetings, to go to an appointment on other end of the city. 

After the wedding the man gets new relatives acting through parents, brothers, the wife's sisters. The relations with them reach absolutely other level. Sometimes they become warmer, but everything is more often it turns out on the contrary. In this case grinding in is necessary too.

To relatives a lot of things can it will not be pleasant, but it is important to hold a distance and to learn correctly to react to all small conflicts arising in family. To smooth all ""acute angles"" it is initially best of all for newlyweds to live separately. 

After a marriage the man has many new duties. Now he has to care not only for himself, but also for the spouse. With emergence in the man of family, as a rule, welfare decreases a little. After the wedding the budget is already considered the general, and with the advent of the child all income shares already for three the person. But you should not worry about it. For many men it becomes an additional incentive for increase in income. They begin to think how to earn more.

After marriage the spouses have also other duties which are not connected with finance. They need to plan together free time, to ask permission the partner if there is a need somewhere for a long time to go, leave. You should not perceive it negatively. It is better to consider new duties not in terms of restriction of freedom, and as care manifestation about each other. 

Despite the arising difficulties at the very beginning of a joint way of newlyweds, many men remember the first months of family life with big warmth. Those who before marriage lived in proud loneliness are especially capable to estimate changes. After the wedding the man does not need to think any more of how to create a cosiness in the apartment how to cook food. The loving wife surrounds it with care. Of course, modern women should undertake not all household chores, but there is a segregation of duties and it cannot but please. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team